Essays on Julien Plumart The Four V's Coursework

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1. Julien Plumart the four Vs Julien Plumart the four Vs The four V’s are used in differentiating business operations and include volume, variety, variation, and visibility. The Julien Plumart four V’s is analyzed below. Volume- Volume depicts the extent of operations at a certain business setting. Julien Plumart’s café has a low volume owing to the smallness of the cafe accommodating not more than 150 customers in a day. The low volume is evidenced by the few employees at the café aiding in making standardized products such as mixed macaroon flavors.

Variety- depicts the extent of divergence in the products or services being offered by an enterprise or business. Julien Plumart’s café has a large variety because of the ability to provide special offers and meet different needs of the consumers from different places beyond Brighton. The café offers exceptions in terms of the services and products provided to the customers according to their specific needs. Cakes for different occasions including birthdays, weddings, and other parties can be ordered at the Julien Plumart’s café showing variety.

Variation- involves the change in the amount, position, or condition of something. At Julien Plumart’s café, variation is in the demand for products and services that is high during the weekends compared to weekdays. The variation is synonymous to most food outlets because of the free time people have during the weekdays to spend in restaurants and cafes explaining the demand variation. Of the demand, less than 50% are regular customers allowing employees to make a correct prediction of the demand variation.

Demand variation is depicted during the holiday season increasing demand occasioned by tourists visiting Brighton. Visibility- Julien Plumart’s café is located on 27 Duke Street, which is along a main road allowing for high visibility. The high visibility allows the café to have many customers both new and loyal customers increasing the profitability of the business.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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