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Knowledge ManagementPracticing KM in an institution is a vibrant interactive process which involves cycles of maturity, and knowledge artefacts of the organization, and the preparedness of the auditor. The importance of KM in the modern organisation has raised extensive debates and research which have been aimed at developing knowledge Management Development Life Cycles. This paper describes the KDLC that explains and evaluates the stages of this process on two organisations that are fictitious, but whose problems are real Case Study 1: Bert’s Bonsai Preliminary investigationa. Organisational preparednessIt is clear from the case that Bert’s Bonsai has not defined its knowledge goals.

However, there is evidence of a formal recording of the plants, tools and materials that are used to cultivate them. All these are available in an old electronic database that makes it hard for the new owners to incorporate the information into the greater franchise stock-lines. The structure is however not legal since there is a legal dispute between the new and the old owner over the reliability of the records. The organisation is however able to take up a KM solution since the new owner has put in more than $2 million and with the clientele base evidenced in the mailing lists, the organisation is able to stay around for many years.

The organisation old owner is aware that the existing information can be easily transformed into the new form without much problem. There a problem however with the new owner who is not holistic. Instead of making decisions of his own depending on what is at hand, he depends on the opinion of his IT staff before making a decision. b.

Investigator Preparedness As a student of KM and having taken the Knowledge Management course, I understand the ontology of KM Audit within the KM field. I am tough and I don’t compromise on core processes and core principles. My approach is to let the old owner and the new director of Bert’s Bonsai understand the seriousness and the complexity of the Audit and the importance of carrying it out in a proper manner. The assessment of Bert’s Bonsai began with carefully reading and understanding the case.

Based on the initial understanding of the case I now realized that the audit could be carried out. One thing that was very clear is that, though the old owner and the new director were ready for the audit, the IT staff of the large franchise was resentful and uncooperative. They need to be made ready to undergo the KDLC. Before I proceeded to the next section I had to prepare more by carrying out more research on old Amiga technology and its possibility of being updated to the newer technology (Hylton, 2008, p26). C.

FindingsIt is possible for the data in Amiga floppy disks to be converted to PC readable form by installing special floppy disk controllers. The organisation is ready for the Audit but the IT staff should be made more ready for the Audit.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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