Essays on Knowledge Management Technology - Etisalat Telecommunication Company Case Study

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The paper 'Knowledge Management Technology - Etisalat Telecommunication Company" is a good example of a management case study. Knowledge availability is essential to the management and success of an organization. According to Bellaver & Lusa (2002), the process of obtaining, developing, distributing as well as using organizational knowledge is termed as knowledge management. Managing knowledge is challenging to most organizations thus, there is always a need to have technologies that support the new processes, strategies techniques and methods to develop, share, disseminate and use the best knowledge anytime in all the sectors of the organization.

There are numerous benefits accrued from integrating different technologies. For instance, knowledge management focuses on knowledge sharing. Thus, everyone in the organization gains the same knowledge. Thus, there can always be a substitute (Handzic, 2005). This avoids duplication of work and saves time. It is in this regard that this essay seeks to look into the knowledge management technologies at the Etisalat telecommunication company. It will specifically analyze the major knowledge management problems at the organization. It will discuss how cooperation is using technology in solving its issues and some of the benefits and challenges experienced while using the technologies.

How the company implements its appropriate toolset to solve, their issues will also be addressed. Moreover, a highlight on how the solution meets its issues will also be looked into. Analysis of the Knowledge Management problem Despite the numerous benefits accrued in using the various knowledge-based technologies, there are some challenges or setbacks that arise from the use of the technologies. If the problems are not well managed they can have detrimental effects on the success of the organization.

Therefore, companies need to stay abreast in monitoring their knowledge-based technologies to ensure that they gain the best out of them. Etisalat is a no exception; it has experienced some challenges. The major problems it has experienced in a bid to using the knowledge-based technologies barriers in the technical barriers and human-related barriers. The company has embraced several technologies including the CBCM technology. This technology offers an elegant and high-end technology software solution which has eased their operations in workflow management, data interchange, communication and information sharing. However, the technology is very expensive to run and monitor; this has been a giant constraint to the company.

Some of the technologies are complex to use and needs specialized personnel to operate them, inadequate and lack of literacy a problem. Moreover, technology is today changing at unprecedented, making technologies outdated quickly, thus keeping up with the new technologies can be challenging (Al-Shammari, 2009). For instance, there is always a need to update or acquire new software to manage the systems. Furthermore, these technologies are prone to breakdowns, thus sometimes have interrupted operations at the company.

The security of the systems has also proved to be a challenge. People can easily hack into the companies systems and gain access to data that is private to the organization. This poses a security threat to the organization. Similarly, due to the magnitude of the operations of the company, a fast and reliable technology is needed to manage the systems. However, some of these technologies are slow and constantly hangs thus slowing down its operations thus not efficient and effective.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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