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Building the Case The following are the problems and possible solutions that have been developed to solve the issue Presenting the Problem Portland state university lacks community due to a number of identified reasons. These include the different arrangements for the student fraternity. 91% of the students commute to school while a small number of students live in the school. Moreover, students lack of knowledge about campus activities and having an older community than a traditional school The average undergraduate age of the college is 27, most of whom are working Strict policies that make living in campus almost impossible, denying them the opportunity to experience the life of living inside the campus Charging of high penalties for violation of the rules and regulation that go as high as $1,000 http: //www. pdx. edu/housing/sites/www. pdx. edu. housing/files/1213HousingHandbook. pdf (Portland State University 37) Solution The administration is dedicated in solving these problems by addressing them in its mission statement.

It seeks to provide education to all people regardless of their interests and regardless of the level. The mission ensures community enhancement through membership that is included in tuition fees.

Membership to students is available to all students taking more than one credit and all faculties. The set solutions to solve this issue is ethical since it gives students the opportunity to enhance a community environment The problem with this is that students do not realize the opportunities available or generally do not bother. The faculty members of Portland state university engage with the students such that a culture of an integrated community is created http: //www. pdx. edu/about-portland-state (Portland State University Web) The planned interaction of the students with the community through various activities such as biking and nature walks will help create better relationships with the external community Encouraging students to respect their neighboring communities and treat them properly helps to create a proper environment where they both coexist together through improved relationships (Bornstein 25).

This is morally and an ethically solution for the problem Costs and Benefits The costs of implementing these solutions is quite high The college must be willing to invest highly in building of new structures in order to house more students. This is a long term plan that is likely to take quite a lot of time, as it has to be incorporated in the long term plans of the college Increasing the housing units in the college brings increased earnings to the college as they charge students who let the units.

However, students are likely to break more rules and disrespect the regulations set. This is a cost as they have to deal with the cases or contend with them. Achieve The proposed solutions to the problem needs to be planned, implemented and evaluated To minimize the number of students who commute to college, new housing units need to be constructed to house more students inside the college Activities required completing the project A.

Taking an inventory of the students B. Identifying the site C. Drawing the architectural design D. Identify the contractor E. Prepare building permits F. Getting approval for the plan from the various authorities G. The real construction work H. Completion of the housing units I. Students occupying the units Duration of completing the task Constructing extra housing units for the students Task code Description Predecessor Time ( weeks) A Taking an inventory of the students None 3 B Identifying the site None 3 C Drawing the architectural design B 2 D Identify the contractor C 2 E Prepare building permits B, C 3 F Getting approval for the plan E 6 G The real construction work E, F 18 H Completion of the housing units G 8 I Students occupying the units H 12 Total time taken in weeks is 57 weeks Implement The plan can be implemented if the administration decides to adopt it.

This will help in creating a better community between the students in the college as more students will live inside the college. They will therefore experience the fun and achieve the benefits that they previously did not enjoy. Works Cited Bornstein, Marc H. Handbook of Parenting: 5.

Mahwah, NJ [u. a.: Erlbaum, 2002. Print. http: //books. google. co. ke/books? hl=en&lr=&id=2-Cv876B8Z8C&oi=fnd&pg=PA407&dq=+connect+school+and+community&ots=bIpE9P_MKF&sig=_etkb7j36pP7VtDicEj4ZG3BE_o&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=connect%20school%20and%20community&f=false Portland state university, Housing Handbook 2012–2013. Web. May, 27 2013 http: //www. pdx. edu/housing/sites/www. pdx. edu. housing/files/1213HousingHandbook. pdf Portland state university, about Portland. Web. (May, 27 2013) http: //www. pdx. edu/about-portland-state

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