Essays on Demonstration of Leadership within the Article The Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina by Johnson Article

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The paper "Demonstration of Leadership within the Article The Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina by Johnson" is a good example of a management article. Leadership can be defined as a social influence process where an individual enlists the support and aid of others to accomplish a common task. It is a mobilizing process that is reciprocal (Rajendran 2015). A leader always has a certain value and motive. Each person within an organization has actions that influence others. Everyone, therefore, has the ability to contribute (or detracting from) an organization’ s leadership.

According to Diana, leaders have various political, economic and other resources in a conflict and competition context. That helps them realize goals that are mutually or independently held by both followers and leaders. Leadership is hence measured by effectiveness and success. Leaders are viewed as successful when the people they are striving to influence demonstrate the behaviour that is desired. This essay discusses leadership as demonstrated in the literature and how gender affects leadership (Rajendran 2015). How leadership is displayed in the given article The study examined the former HP Chief Executive Officer Fiorina controversial tenure using the contrast of the ethical leadership (Johnson 2008).

Fiorina quickly rose at Lucent Technologies and AT & T though ranks and became a businesswoman that was most powerful in 1999, in the US, when she took the HP helm. The woman prevailed in a fight proxy that was bitter over the emerging of the firm with Compaq Computer. She was however in 2005 abruptly fired. Both the members and the CEO of the board of HP failed as moral managers and persons. This led to the ouster of Fiorina and the subsequent scandal of HP spying.

HP moved from being one of the most admirable companies in the world to the public criticism and criminal investigations target. Leadership ethics implications are obtained from HP experience and the leadership construct limitation are identified (Johnson 2008). The first leadership quality that was displayed by Fiorina was the fact that she entered AT & T as a sales manager who was of low level but in no time drew top management attention. Fiorina took on assignments that were tough and quickly became among the greatest sales personnel of her industry.

Her forward-looking nature made her rise to becoming the North American sales president (Johnson 2008). She played fundamental roles in the spin-off of AT & T of the Technologies of Lucent and was named to head the marketing and sales group of Lucent. Through her leadership qualities, there was a significant dramatic rise in the value of stock and revenue. Fiorina was in 1998, first named the most powerful American executive female of America by the Fortune magazine. Fiorina continued to top the list throughout her HP tenure.

Another leadership quality of Fiorina was the confidence she possessed. She was, unlike Lew Platt, a person that shunned attention largely. She was a media-savvy that epitomized a celebrity Chief Executive Officer. A celebrity CEO is a bigger-than-life figure that is called upon often to rescue an organization. Fiorina was a source of excitement to the other employees as well as the media (Johnson 2008). The announcement of her hiring was made at a huge press conference. Fiorina took a whirlwind HP tour so as to introduce herself.

According to business writers, she had brought new energy to the company and the manner in which she was to take the firm in a direction that is new and badly needed. Fiorina signalled a welcome change according to many employees, and she was a role model to several women. Most leaders are role models of the people they lead or serve therefore Fiorina had the true characteristics of a leader (Johnson 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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