Essays on Leadership and Conflict Management Coursework

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The paper "Leadership and Conflict Management " is a great example of management coursework.   Organizations require leaders who are effective so as to enhance success. As a leader, I have been involved in situations where I have failed being effective and this has affected the organization. Leadership is a position that requires enlisting the help from other members in the organization so as to accomplish a task successfully (Beerel, 2009). I will give a personal experience in which I was ineffective as a leader in managing others. Personal Experience I was involved as a team leader in the organization which was working with.

This position included making sure that all the team members were cooperating with each other. The main objective was to encourage teamwork through participation and communication. The team consisted of office workers and the support staff. Being the leader, I was supposed to make sure that there was total cooperation in the accomplishment of the tasks at hand. When I was starting the job, I was sure that I would make the best team ever through team mobilization. The team started well and I was enthusiastic that I would manage the team well throughout the task.

As time progressed, I became aware that the team was not meeting the set deadlines. There was internal conflict among the team members. I was faced with a problem of making sure that the team members were motivated and working together as expected. The team was lagging behind in achieving the set target. The main cause of team failure was poor conflict management and problem-solving. The mode of sharing information that I utilized in the team was also not proper.

The conflict in the team members was caused by the fact that I could not solve the misunderstanding among the team members at the right time. This conflict led to a situation where the team members were not working together leads to a lack of internal team dynamics. Conflict is an element that is inevitable in team management, which requires the team manager to eliminate it. I also failed to note the tensions that were among different team members due to disparities. The conflict occurred from both real and perceived disparities among the members which led to a group disorder (Beerel, 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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