Essays on Leadership and Management - An Authentic Approach to Leadership Assignment

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The paper "Leadership and Management - An Authentic Approach to Leadership" is a great example of an assignment on management.   There are many leadership styles that people in authority adopt in influencing followers. Authentic leadership is one of the leadership styles adopted by leaders. George et al. (2007, p. 129) define authentic leaders as leaders who demonstrate a passion for what they do, practice their values consistently, and lead both with their hearts and heads. Such leaders also seek to establish a long-term and meaningful relationship with followers and have the self-drive to achieve results.

George et al. (2007) continue to say that authentic leaders do not try to emulate or imitate others. Rather, such leaders know who they are and do what they think is best to achieve results (Goleman 2013, p. 51). Greg Brenneman is one of the leaders that have demonstrated an authentic leadership style as described by George and colleagues. Brenneman demonstrated this leadership quality in turning around the ailing Continental at the time the company was on the verge of collapse. First, Brenneman demonstrated authentic leadership by doing what he believed was best to save Continental without necessarily trying to emulate what other leaders had done in such a situation (Landel 2015, p.

4). Brenneman explains that to revive the ailing company, he identified five areas that needed to be corrected that included fly to places that passengers wanted to go; when they needed to go and in a clean and attractive fleet; ensure passengers got to their destinations safely on time with their bags and that they are served meals at the right time. This way, it becomes clear that Brenneman was not emulating other leaders but adopted the strategies that he believed was best in turning around Continental.

Besides, these strategies mean that Brenneman had a self-drive to achieve a result, a quality that is required of an authentic leader as George et al. (2007, p. 133) describes. Moreover, Brenneman's authentic leadership is demonstrated by the fact that he managed to build a trusting relationship both with his colleague Gordon Bethune and over 40,000 with whom they inspired and worked seamlessly, thus saving continental.  


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