Essays on Leadership Role Play Analysis Memo - Employee Empowerment (Delegation) Assignment

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Dec superior Dana Jones homework assignments The purpose of this memo is to more fully describe what I amexpecting from your role-play and film analyses. I Dana Jones am in a need to delegate since I have been required to attend jury matters for the next three weeks. Being the sales force supervisor, I have to delegate my duties to the most suitable person who will take over during my absence. My proposition is to delegate the duties to C. J since he is the only better alternative and I will be coming in every night after court let outs to approve or reject any sales made.

If I happen to reject the sale, I am required to leave a note for CJ on how far to get to the sale. All managers are supposed to get things done through other people. Thus, employees need to be motivated to achieve the assigned tasks. Effective managers often empower their employees to achieve the set goals. Delegation is the process by which the relevant authority assigns responsibility to others. It is the process by which a subordinate is allocated to make important decisions by transferring authority from one level of organization to another.

Delegation on the side of the manager is important in increasing the productivity of the employees. Since CJ has been number one sales person for the six of the eight months he has been a sales person in the company, he is the right person to receive the authority given. As the current sales manager in need of delegating the sales authority to CJ, I have to follow four steps.

One of them is to allocate duties. Here, I will entrust all the duties and activities that are meant for me to C. J. the second one is the delegation of authority where I will empower CJ to act for me. It is the process of passing to the subordinate the required rights to act for me. The third process is to assign responsibility where I will give CJ the full rights and obligation to perform. I should be in a position to hold CJ responsible for the actions he does.

The fourth and the last step is to create accountability. Here, I will be in a position to hold CJ accountable for proper carrying out of their duties. Thus, CJ has to ensure that he conducts the delegated duty in a satisfactory manner. As the sales manager, I have to ensure that I inform CJ and clarify what is required, the range of his discretion, the expected performance level and when the task ought to be completed. However, I will not lack confidence in CJ, and I will entrust that he is capable of all the actions delegated.

I am delegating my duties to C. J to free up my time since I have been called to jury and it can take up to three weeks. In my absence, I need someone to take over my responsibilities for a while since I need the company to continue its operations in my absence. The delegation will also develop the subordinates by stimulating their growth and development. It will encourage CJ to develop their decision-making skills and also prepare them for future opportunities in promotions.

It will also improve my relations with CJ and enhances CJ’S commitment to the job. To delegate, I will have to posses various actions. One of them is to clarify the delegated assignment. I have to determine what is to be delegated and to whom. For my part, I have already decide that I will delegate the authority to sell a car at the suggested retail and allow a 3% discount on new cars and 5% discount on used cars. CJ is also required to accept trade-ins at the prices that do not exceed the high wholesale blue book values.

I am also delegating the authority to act with discretion and within parameters that pertain to those issues. I have already made the required discretion known to CJ. Thus, he is well aware of the limits not to exceed without checking further with me. I will allow CJ to participate and I will hold him responsible and accountable for the tasks accomplished (Murrell and Meredith, 199). By so doing, I will be in a position to increase his job motivation and accountability level of performance.

I will also inform others of the delegation, I will inform any other individual who will be affected by the delegation about the delegation process. Lastly, I will establish feedback controls where I will monitor the progress to increase the likelihood of early completion of the task to the desired specifications. File this memo for future references and in case of any questions, you may contact me through abcnet@xyz. com or at 789125678. Work Cited Murrell, Kenneth L and Mimi Meredith. Empowering employees. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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