Essays on Management at the Nasr Al Hosni Gas Company Case Study

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The paper 'Management at the Nasr Al Hosni Gas Company" is a good example of a management case study.   In the time around the 1930s, the diseased sheikh Shakhbut bin sultan al Nahyan the current leader then of Abu Dhadi started a survey to discover and exploit the geological natural resource s in the United Arad Emirates formerly known as Trucial State. Using the revenue from the exploration, the sultan built a new fort on Abu Dhabi Island. In 1966, the diseased came into power and the family that was ruling then shifted from Nasr Al Hosni palace and made it an administrative centre till 1990.

It remains to date an important historical monument in this gulf region. This is where we borrowed the name Al Hosni gas, which is aimed to be a new landmark in the region. When the site did begin work The natural gas deposit was discovered in the 60s, it is a sour type of gas and the technology at that time was not able to mine the gas as it contains a lot of hydrogen sulphide that is highly corrosive and would destroy the instruments.

The site was also remote and getting temperatures of over 55 degrees centigrade was nearly impossible. It is only recently when the technology to harness the gas has been developed making it possible to even process it. The Abu Dhabi Gas Company Limited came in and formed an emergence on a scale of 60-40 percent with the oxydental petroleum (oxy) exploit the resource. All these agreement were made under the management of Saif Ahmed Al Ghafli who was also the chief executive officer of the company then, that is the Abu Dhabi Gas Company Vision and mission of al Hosni gas Vision statement: “ To be a world-class company in the development of sour gas resources and distinguished partner of choice. ” Mission statement: “ To successfully develop, construct, operate and maintain the shah gas fields utilizing the highest engineering standards and adopting premier business practices and technologies to enhance the long term values to our stakeholders. ” This is to be achieved through: Creation and proper implementation of effective managing systems to ensure proper command and control of the company.

This ensures that the company is goal-oriented as the leadership and management heads ensure that work is properly done.

They also remind the employees of the core values of the company. This makes the stuff goal-oriented. The development of the skill and competence of the employees and retain them. This makes the company have extremely competent workers who are irreplaceable and efficient. Promotes the company as it is in the hands of experts at the job. They have programs that train employees to ensure that they are competent at their work and duties in the company. Safeguarding the safety and health of the workers not forgetting the environment.

This builds a reputation for the company and encourages investors to take an interest in the company. The workforce is also good at doing their job as they are safe and comfortable. The workers are provided with safety gear and the facilities are well designed to prevent the leakage of the sour gas as it is extremely toxic and corrosive. Contributing to the surrounding community’ s development. This makes the community around appreciate the company's work and some may work for the company as there is mutual trust.

They also contribute positively to the company’ s growth.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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