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The paper "Importance of Self-Awareness" is an outstanding example of a business essay. The most important component of my action plan was to utilize time. Unfortunately, I realized that my plan left so much time unaccounted for. For instance, in one particular week, I discovered that I had a time balance of 40 hours. This was more than one and a half days of unaccounted-for time. This was poor time management. I believe this was partly attributable to my nature of ‘ over-brainstorming’ . When I am given a task, I don’ t get straight to it.

Instead, I take time to think it over before setting down to work. Although this ‘ slow contemplation’ is positive, I realize now that I don’ t have unlimited time for unchecked ‘ slowness’ . This has especially been a great liability in urgent assignments. Another failure against my original action plan has been to do with group work. It has always taken me some time to warm up to and feel comfortable around people I have not always interacted with directly. This ‘ aloof’ side of me worked against me in the initial stages of group work. Luckily, I realized early enough that this was not helping, so I have had to adjust quickly if I was going to gain from the group work. My New Action Plan It is clear that my initial plan is not working.

I realize that I’ m not getting the best that I should be able to get in my studies. But it is clear that poor time management and inadequate knowledge about myself, self-awareness, are part of the problem. As I have mentioned above, as some critics of Belbin’ s theory, I have noticed that I don’ t fit in any one particular team role.

Instead, I seem to have a number of these team attributes. My plan on this is to discover which one is my strongest and nurture it above the rest. But I can only make this discovery by putting each in practice in real group situations and study how people respond. But I am also open to the possibility that each of these attributes may be valuable at different times and in different situations or circumstances. This would then require that I find a way to reconcile them so they can all work for me at different times.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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