Essays on Chile and Its Business Policies Case Study

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The paper 'Chile and Its Business Policies" is a good example of a business case study. Chile is a country in Latin America. The country has a rich political and economic history. The politics, culture, and history of the country have had a significant impact on the country. The literature read before the tour, during the tour, and after the tour is illuminating. They provide a reliable picture of the county. The literature provides sufficient guidance on the political, social, and economic history of Chile. It is easier to appreciate the economic and political organization of Chile from the available literature.

The history of Chile informed the economic organization of Chile. The literature on the politics of Chile is, therefore, important in laying the foundation for a better understanding of Chile and its business policies. Cultural awareness of Chile was enhanced in our tour of Chile. I realized the need for finding out the culture of a population before engaging in a business venture. However, the culture of Chile on business may be misleading because it was based on the analysis of a solar energy organization.

This may not be sufficient to conclusively state the culture of the Chilean population. The fact that they responded slowly to energy products may not be conclusive. Though it was an eye-opener, I will in the future require more evidence in determining the culture of the place that I tour. Chile is to be understood in certain political, social, economic, historical, and cultural contexts. The history and the political orientation of the country shaped its economic choices. Failure to appreciate the political history of Chile may lead to a superficial understanding of the country. The interplay between capitalism and socialism in the country has influenced the management of the country’ s resources.

The war between the right-wing parties and the left-wing parties has shaped the economy of the country (Loreto Navarrete, 2014). The political agenda of Chile was influenced by the right and left-wing ideologies. The left-wing parties believed in a socialist state where the factors of production were in the hands of the state. However, the right-wing parties advocated for capitalism where individuals controlled the factors of production.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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