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The paper "The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   Consumers in the contemporary world cannot evade the increasing exposure to various forms of advertisements. Advertisement exists in every place, in addition, every technology used exposes the consumer to some form of advertisement. Among all the tools of marketing, advertisement is one of the most significant practices. This is because it plays an important role in motivating the customer to purchase a certain product or service. The phenomenon of an increased advertisement does have an impact on the behavior of consumers.

This paper seeks to provide a review of the literature on the impact of advertisement on consumer behavior. The scope of the paper will also be grounded on conducting a critical evaluation of the findings of the literature. Literature Review Background of Adverting and Consumer behavior Since previous years, advertising has played a significant role in the development of the promotional mix strategy of a business. This is due to its capability to communicate accurate information. Based on this fact, Elliot and Speck (1998) argue that consumer behavior is assumed to occur due to rational thinking.

As a result, advertising works in an influential manner in order to develop a precise message that is aimed at transforming the behavior and beliefs held by consumers. The concept of consumer behavior can be described as a process in which consumer decide on where, what, when and from whom do they purchase their services and goods (Bansal1 and Shubham, 2014). Advertisements are characterized into two basic categories which include; the transformative and the informative types of advertisements. The informative type of advertisement seeks to offer information to the consumer concerning the precise facts of the service or product.

This includes the quantity, price and other logical details about the brand. The transformative type of advertisement, on the other hand, focuses on various psychological attributes that can differentiate a product or a service from others (Bansal1 and Shubham, 2014). The Impacts of Adverting On Consumer Behavior Various studies have been conducted to examine the influence of advertising on consumer behavior. Dinu, (2012) conducted a study to examine the impact of advertising on consumer behavior in Romania.

The study mainly focused on examining online advertising. The study method involved conducting a survey in one of the Romanian cities. The findings of the study disclosed that advertising does play a significant role in the buying behavior of consumers. Dinu, (2012) reveals that many of the consumers were actually interested in the brand products. Advertising leads to the creation of a brand image that further attracts the customer to the product. Additionally, the study disclosed that new products that were well advertised also influenced the development of a mental brand and thus influencing the customers to purchase the product.

Priyanka (2012) also conducted a similar study to examine the impact of online advertising on consumer behavior. Priyanka (2012) discloses the fact that advertisers using online methods want to make advertising through the internet to be more like television advertising. The main objective is to make online advertising to be more interactive and involving and therefore making the customer to behavior in a certain manner. The findings of the study disclosed that the interaction of customers with online advertising influenced their brand attitudes.

As a result, the customers made a purchase decision on the basis of the brand image they acquired from the advertisement.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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