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The paper "Writing Scholarly Journals" is a wonderful example of an assignment on education. Reliable research refers to a process of research that involves facts and figures for developing an understanding of a particular issue. This refers to the well-interpreted development of factors that are associated with the needs of managing the diverse attributes that support decision making. On the other hand, the opinion refers to providing response towards a specific attribute even without developing any particular research on the underlined factors (Soule, Whiteley & McIntosh, 2007).   Evaluate If Research Has a Solid Foundation and Is TrustworthyThe evaluation of different attributes and aspects must be researched for developing the overall needs of the research and enhance the reliability of the problems.

In this regard, it is evident that the overall needs could be identifiable for enhancing the diverse attributes and meet the trustworthiness of research in terms of available evidence (Soule et al. , 2007). Practices Needed To Adjust While Writing in Word It is evident that every scholarly article writer has a motive to develop a diverse genre that is identifiable among the masses.

This helps the scholarly article writers to develop the prominence within a complicated domain and enhance effectiveness. While writing in printed word one must make sure that the words they use are unique and do not replicate the work that has been conducted by others. This must be noted that the work they plan to provide the readers is more creative and developed. The chances of typographical error should be less and must be focused on developing the prominence of the views (Soule et al. , 2007). Scholarly Journals The three scholarly journals that have been selected in the specific filed of my study i. e.

Education Technology are as follows: Reeves, T. C., Herrington, J., & Oliver, R. (2005). Design research: A socially responsible approach to instructional technology research in higher education. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 16(2), 97-116.The paper is one of the scholarly journals that has been reviewed by some of the scholarly practitioners and was sponsored by Springer which is one of the most renowned publishers who are responsible for publishing peer-reviewed journals. Herschbach, D. R.

(1995). Technology as knowledge: Implications for instruction. Journal of Technology Education, 7(1), 31-42.The journal is a peer-reviewed journal that is published by one of the renowned publishers who are into publishing scholarly journals. The rich source of the paper provides a detailed insight into the different approaches that are associated with Virginia Tech that is related to the leading universities of the globe. Luppicini, R. (2005). A systems definition of educational technology in society. Educational Technology & Society, 8 (3), 103-109.The Educational Technology & Society is an official site that has a wide array of peer-reviewed journals and sponsors the people who are into the writing and publishing of the peer-reviewed journals.

It can be further noted that the paper reflects creative approaches and provides a detailed understanding of the issue that is prominent within the social domain.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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