Essays on Logistics Management at Central Queensland University Case Study

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The paper 'Logistics Management at Central Queensland University " is a good example of a management case study. In an academic institution, the use of various facilities makes it possible for individuals and related resources to be at the right place within the right time. With regard to Central Queensland University, a number of facilities have been put in place to foster both time and place utility. This university offers the best facilities to foster international studies.   In line with being in the right place, the university offers a number of lecture rooms where students guided by the time table can avail themselves for lectures.

To foster the probability that the students will be available in their classes on time as per the guidance of their timetables, the university has hired enough lectures that are committed to innovative teaching. The university has timetables for all the courses being offered. Each of the time tables points to the time and location of the lecture alongside the name of the respective lecturer that is meant to teach the course (Central Queensland University 2009).

The figure below points to a certain time table for the corporate accounting courseThe lectures are also under the guidance of a time table that indicates to them when and where they are needed to be in class. The Lecturers’ timetable may be different from the student time table since it points the various classes that they are meant to lecture. The students time table points out the various lectures to attend, the venue and the time. The above example is a student’ s time table. This makes it possible for both the students and the lectures to attain their main objective of being in the right place at the right time.

With such guidance, it is not possible for the students to be in a lecture room and not be taught (Central Queensland University 2009). To further reinforce the role of the time table, a lecture on attending a lecture has to ensure the full attendance of all the students. This is done with the use of a roll call sheet that points to the number of students meant to attend the lecture and the number of those present.

Such a tool makes it possible for the students who may boycott their lectures on various reasons to be held accountable for poor time management that points to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To further enhance the objective of being in class on time for both lecturers and the students, the university has incorporated various forms of technology for enhancing the teaching and learning process during every lecture (Bowersox 2002). There exists a high-level technology that fosters the use of Audio-Visual facilities such that the learners are able to easily comprehend what the lecture may wish to pass across.

This is a technology that has been highly credited for effectively reducing the errors bound to be made with direct communication (Central Queensland University 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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