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The paper 'Online Store Logistic Management" is a good example of a management case study. Since the invention of the internet, many people are joining the global village for financial, social and economical purpose. As such over recent years, e-commerce has been of exceptional value to every individual. This is for both businesses and individuals who either want to sell or consume goods and services. With a population estimate of over twenty-two million seven hundred thousand people, Australia has a sizeable market for online retailing services. This is for the simple fact that online retailing has more advantages to both the seller and buyer.

E-commerce offers lower commodity prices gives the clients a wider range of goods to choose from than those available from in-store retailers and is also convenient. This paper, therefore, looks into the best possible model through which an online retailing company can organize its logistics model to be highly efficient and effective. Since the reduction in Australia’ s manufacturing to about ten percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), there has been an increase in imported consumer goods from Asia (Commonwealth 2007) due to low-cost manufacturing capability in Asian countries.

As such, this paper will give a detailed structure of the best logistics model for the importation, repackaging and distribution of the retail goods among the clients. These products include car accessories and tools, leisure products for boating, camping and fishing and also electrical household appliances. These products are already in the Australian market and competition will be expected from companies such as super cheap Auto retail stores, Motoquipe Online Boating- Camping-Fishing retail stores (BCF) and Harvey Norman retail stores and Appliances Online Introduction Australia as a country has had its share in the E-commerce market development.

For this reason, the sales of many goods and services have been taken to the online level. There a4re various companies in Australia which are offering their goods and services from the online platform.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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