Essays on Dick Smiths Personal Philosophy Concerning Leadership Case Study

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The paper "Dick Smith’ s Personal Philosophy Concerning Leadership" is a good example of a management case study.   This philosophy was within him right from birth. Dick’ s philosophy is based on charity work, i.e. gratitude and service to other people. Dick wholeheartedly gave hand to the conservation of the environment. With less knowledge that he was a Philanthropist/generous donor, Smith supported many charity activities and needy individuals (Daft, 2008).   For instance, he supported the safety of refugees and particularly evangelized for the return of David Hicks to Australia. Since then, the name of Smith became widespread the whole Australia region and a lot of honor was accorded to him by 1986.

From these efforts, Dick became the chairman of the Australia Geography Society in 1995 (Daft, 2008).   In Dec 2008 Smith and his wife gave 1million dollars (Australian) to Scouts in Australia in order to assist in educating young people on “ responsible risk-taking” (Daft, 2008).   Responsible Management Team (Daft, 2008). In partnership with Anchorage, the team of officials managing Dick’ s businesses embraced new operational programs such as; strategic plans on customer and cultural initiatives (Montgomery, 2010).

Stores and staff training program, recruitment policies and roistering processes were improved. A good relationship between the suppliers (Dick’ s stores) and buyers was enhanced which spearheaded the opening of private label products office at Hong Kong China (Montgomery, 2010). Good Marketing strategies. Dick advertised his business commodities in the television in a program called Dick Live Daily Deal but later he migrated to website digital platform (Montgomery, 2010). The Dick Smith website creates a channel for all universal shoppers to get, search, purchase and research the products he offers. This gave Dick an outstanding platform to market the products globally thus reducing the competition (Montgomery, 2010).

At Dick Smith, customer loyalty is built and maintained by giving trustful advice on products quality and selling them at viable prices. Dick’ s inventiveness and curiosity made him be a great businessman not only in his country (Australia) but to the whole world (Damodaran, 2004). His first encounter initiated when he established Dick Smith Electronics in 1968 selling electronics like calculators and laptops (Damodaran, 2004).   He later ventured into philanthropy (humanitarian), exploration, and publishing as a new career. Dick Smith has had an optimistic temperament.

Dick’ s value of intrinsic motivation about learning, venturing and creating opportunities in a supportive environment, made him stand the challenges, despite the fact he was poor in-class work (Damodaran, 2004). As a humanitarian, Dick became the most ever been the generous person in the history of Australia where he donated 1 million dollars to the Smith Family (Damodaran, 2004). Mark you, the family had no common bond but was just doing charity work. Farther, Dick invented Dick Smith Foods Company in 1999.

The company distributed Australian made products to aid domestic charitable organizations (Daft, 2008).   Dick’ s determination and innovation.   Apart from being an entrepreneur,   Dick also ventured in other fields like business,   aviation, and  political activation (Damodaran, 2004).   He founded  Dick Smith Electronics,   Dick Smith Foods Company  and  Australian Geographic wherein 1986 was appointed the Australian of the year from his achievements. In 2010 he established the media production company named  Smith& Nasht  intending to produce films on international issues (Damodaran, 2004).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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