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The paper 'Coffee House Training Manual" is a good example of a management case study. The coffee house in Australia has no sales team training manual or brochure to serve as a guide and a reference for Trainers of the sales team. Hence, it is imperative that the Coffee house strives to well-trained sales staff. The Coffee house is patronized by high profile clients that cherish high service standards. Therefore, there arose the need for a sales team training manual that will directly guide the trainers of the sales team. Furthermore, the manual will acquaint the sales staff with the requirement and demands of their jobs, hotel policies and staffs as it relates to quarterly sales and other miscellaneous things.

It will also include the mission of the hotel and succinctly state its aims and objectives. The sales team might be the most important force in the enterprise. For instance, regardless of how beautiful and affordable a restaurant might be, it will not attract significant patronage if the staffs there are rude and repugnant; hence, a sales staff training manual is very important.

Also, the handbook will clearly state the expectations and job descriptions of each sale and how each aspect of the Restaurant should be handled; this has helped in preventing damaging lawsuits and has likewise improved the work efficiency of the sales staff. Development of manual categories The Coffee House is a global organization strategically located at the socio-economic nerve center of the cities. The components of the training manual will be carefully chosen to reflect company policies and staff, its expectations and its sales target, rules and regulations of the coffee house expected appearance of the employee, and any other significant aspect related to hospitality as it affects the clients, staff, and the enterprise (Jacques, 2000). In developing a workable training manual, undue formality might not be introduced into the text, but still keeping the main messages as clear and interesting as possible.

The manual should be a reflection of the hotel and its community. The manual must be concise, unencumbered, and all-encompassing. COST As much as there is the need to have an endearing, attractive and all-encompassing manual, the management does not want to spend a fortune in producing the executive lounge manuals.

So a balance was sort between cost and quality manual delivery. Two solutions were arrived at. The management was able to secure a contract with a printing press which will print the manual on non-glossy 100% recycled paper, which will cut the cost of printing by 38%. Also, it was agreed that the printing should be done on both sides of the paper, and the book should be narrowly marginalized; this also reduced production cost by a further 13%. The second plan was that the manual should be made available in pdf and doc formats on the restaurant website, which can be easily downloaded.

There is a three-year moratorium after which the physical delivery of the manuals would be terminated. Tasks to be accomplished The tasks complemented during the training program were; Sales changes analysis for Coffee House Recheck the advantages of sales hotel and write suggestions Write a report about salesforce Training Program” .

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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