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  The paper "Responsibilities of the Management" is a great example of a Management Research Paper. There is an interesting trend growing in Human resources. This is because a concept that was accepted a long time ago by Information Technology is now slowly being adopted by the Human Resource function. This is the concept of the Service Level Agreement. In the past Service Level Agreements were viewed as part of outsourcing by the Human Resource Departments. However, in the recent past, SLA is being introduced to the Human Resource Department as a key HR strategy.

An SLA refers to an important document that defines service level which exists between customers and the service providers. According to the pioneers of SLA in Human Resource, Service Level Agreements refer to formal agreements that are negotiated between the Human Resource Providers and the users of the services. It is expressed in very simple language which can be understood clearly by all the customers. Its main role is to bring out clearly the expectations as well as the requirements of both the customers and the HR service providers (Blokdijk & Menken, 2008).

This report will discuss the content of the Service Level Agreement of Oxford University including the objectives, the stakeholders, the services roles and responsibility of the stakeholders and the service standards.   The HR department will seek to give timely, quality and very accurate advice to all staff members of Oxford University 2.1.2 Stakeholders. The stakeholders are: Oxford University- Human Resource department- Service Provider All staff members of the company- Customers 2.1.3 Services offered The Human Resource Department will seek to give advice to all the members of the staff in the following key areas: Employee Relations Recruitment and selection Training and development Occupational health Conflict Resolution Organizational development Grading and Job Evaluation Issuing Employment Contracts Workplace Health and Safety Terms and conditions of employment Disciplinary and grievances measures Help with communications 2.1.4 Service standards The HR service providers will give advice to all the employees within the given timescale with respect to the nature of the inquiry (In order of their priority- low, medium and high).

The HR service providers will give advice to the customers on when they should expect a response from the providers 2.1.5 Responsibility of management/staff The main role of the HR Service Providers will be to make sure that the HR department is well aware of any issue that will come up as relates to the above function and act as practicably as possible.   To ensure that all Oxford university employees are paid on time and correctly.

The stakeholders include; Oxford University Human resource department All permanent and temporary members of staff at Oxford University. The HR department will make sure that all information relating to the payroll is sent on time to the staff payments for payroll run, it includes; Leavers New starters Timesheets Increments\ special awards Sickness details Maternity payment 2.2.4 Responsibility of management/staff.

It is the responsibility of each section to forward payroll associated information to the HR department before 7th of every month unless notified to the contrary, any information is forwarded after this date will not be guaranteed to be implemented during that month’ s payroll run. In addition, the management should ensure that all paperwork is properly authorized in accordance with the university’ s procedures

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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