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The paper "Management of Operational Plan' is a good example of a management assignment.   Every successful business requires a good operational plan. It sets out the strategies that are required for the smooth running of any kind of business. An operational plan sets out standards of how a business can be run. An operational plan gives a description of the structure of a business company and how the business activities are carried out. It is an essential factor of consideration in any form of business. It is significant to all stakeholders, for example, the employees, employers and the entire management team (Franks 18).

An internal operational plan is more inbuilt than the external one. An operational plan includes details of the owners of a business. It also gives a detailed description of each member of the business company. Activity 1 1 Employees are very important stakeholders in the organization. Involvement and participation of these employees in decision making and initiatives produce far-reaching advantages to an institution. According to studies employees engaged in a company’ s decision making are more productive, motivated, willing to stay and to develop within the organization.

Participation creates a positive work environment. Its gives the organization an aura of god-like speed when executing its activities. This operation saves time and even cost. When employees with diverse abilities, characters and skills are given chance in initiatives they could possibly promote innovations and creativity in the organization (Franks 28). Managers who seek ideas from their employees impart trust, positive attitude and confidence in their employees. A good relationship is therefore built between the management and the employees encouraging goodwill and heart to perform.

In the event that the employees are sidelined by the management they are discouraged and do not feel part of the organization. Therefore the management team is encouraged to embrace employee participation for the success of an organization. 2 Group decision making involves two or more persons participating, sharing their ideas and coming up with a solution to a problem or a directive to be followed in order to perform a certain task. When the process and procedure of decision making are well followed in comes out as a very important tool in ensuring employee participation.

Use of unanimous agreements, consensus and majority rule allows the group members to give their views and the best is finally chosen. Being part of a group and participating influences the behavior of each group members and hence the overall performance of the employee. It encourages bonding and unity among the employees hence they will pull together in ensuring the initiative is accomplished. Such groups allow the members to be more tolerant of one another, a tool that is quite important in the success of an organization.

When they unanimously agree to take on a task then they are more likely to own the task and perform it to the best of their ability. A group generates new ideas and solutions that they would not have arrived at individually. Therefore, I consider group decision as a valuable tool that will aid in encouraging employees to assume responsibility and exercise initiative.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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