Essays on Delicious and Hudsons Cafs - Operational Management Assignment

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The paper “ Delicious and Hudson’ s Café s - Operational Management” is an impressive example of the assignment on management. Enclosed is the report requested by the national franchising headquarters for Hudson’ s Coffee for records relating to complaints received about the service, quality, and cleanliness of the café that was received on 29th October 2016. The main findings of the report are: Customers complained of overpriced productsDue to overcrowding during early mornings, the café runs out of stockMeeting clients requirements within the time limit was a challenge especially during rush hoursThe restrooms were in good condition and fully stocked for customers useI would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Hudson’ s Café management team, and particularly the head manager who was very helpful in providing the list of figures required and was friendly. Finally, I take the opportunity to thank you for the chance this report provided me to familiarize myself with the Hudson’ s’ café great environment, and in addition, I developed my research skills, which will be important for future projects. Executive summaryThe report is covering important issues such as recommendations and solutions on how to solve the complaints brought by the customers to the headquarters of the restaurant.

A good work environment entails friendly and efficient staff that attracts consistent customers. Poor or low quality of services and poor hygiene will lead to low productivity levels, unsatisfied customers who might go to the competent organization. Managing a restaurant can be challenging, this report offers various opinions on how to attract and retain customers increasing sales of the company. Not all times, the staff members will be on the same page and during such times the manager may find it difficult running the store.

This report recommends ways to run the business. A restaurant requires a good presentation; trained staff, clean uniform, and a variety of products of good quality. IntroductionIt is the expectation of all restaurant managers to provide their customers with courteous and prompt services, and in the case of complaints, they are keen and fast to rectify.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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