Essays on Managing People Performance Assignment

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The paper "Managing People Performance" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Before allocation of resources, strategic planning is done thorough research to determine the need for the resource, the compatibility of the resource to the need identified in the work process, the merit of the resource and the potential achievement of the resource in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. Business resources Financial resources Human resources Inventory Technological resources Tools and equipment Machinery Intellectual resources Natural resources Social resources Legal resources  An organization cannot exist without the resources that influence production. Despite the importance of human resources there is a need for other resources that go along with the human skill enable business production and improve work output.

One instance is a machinery which speeds up the process of production and information technology that manages most of the systems of the organization. Resources, therefore, act both independently and are interdependent on each other for the production of resources. A2An operational plan is important as it outlines the business processes of the organization and ensures that the processes make a product that will be successful in the market place. A3During work allocation, a position is identified that needs to be fulfilled for the organizational processes to run on.

A position review is done to determine the specifications and the roles and responsibilities of the position. The vacancy is then made public for interested candidates to apply. Following the application, recruitment takes place then selection of the appropriate candidate. The appropriate candidate is determined through consultation from previous work and merit. The candidate is also reviewed to determine their compatibility with the role and the goal of the organization. Description of the work is compared to the merits and capabilities of the candidate.

The candidate needs to meet the class specifications of the job to be selected. Using a project plan to allocate work is important for developing better estimates, avoiding conflicts and improving the efficiency of scheduling in the project. A4A code of conduct is a guideline that identifies a particular way for employees to carry themselves out in the work environment (Purce, 2014). The code of conduct covers requirements of dressing in the organization, language, time, definition of work activities and organizational culture.

Employee adherence to the code of conduct helps to grow them professionally which benefits the organization in the long run. The professional environment ensures that employee energy is directed towards productive performance of activities and thus active employee engagement which leads to organizational success. Productive employees are fully engaged in their work and committed to providing the best in the performance. The employees see a strong association between the success of the organization and their career prospects. Factors that affect employee work output, however, inclusive work environment, physical state, religious beliefs, political affiliations and employee background and hoe environment (Jackson et al, 2014).

Given the numerous factors that could influence productivity, employees are therefore subject to performance inconsistency which affects overall organizational operations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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