Essays on Management of People in Ca Retail Store Case Study

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The paper “ Management of People in Ca Retail Store” is a convincing example of the case study on human resources. It is important to consult key personnel in the sales department store during work and resource allocation as a sales manager at CA Retail Department Store. This is because it is vital to align the firm's output with the input required and the action taken to achieve the output. The output is achievable by consulting the person under one's leadership within the department store. These are the most important people who will convert the work plan into results.

From the company structure, one finds that in the case of that CA city department store the person who appears to be consulted includes the department managers of that all particular departments and the sales team leaders. Question 1 c. In the working plan table for department managers, we find the tasks, which are in line with organizational policy in regards to customer service development and the roles of department heads. It also shows how individual tasks are aligned to the Key Result Areas as well as the timeline with which the activities should commence in readiness for the beginning of the 4th quarter period. The second working plan shows how sales team leaders will guide the activities of the salesperson to achieve the target required in the 4th quarter.

We find how the activities of the salespersons are aligned with meeting the CA department store targets. This includes liaising with the marketing and merchandising department to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Furthermore, the timelines for training personnel are well in advance of the beginning of the 4th quarter period so that they are ready before the period begins. Question 1 d. To communicate effectively about the work plan to particular heads of departments and sales team leaders, forwarding a copy of the work plan via email is the most viable way of communication.

This is because it is faster efficient and personalized to each of the heads of the department. However, a staff meeting allows, for instance, feedback, and any adjustment to the work plan can be made immediately. Additionally, the best way to document employees’ commitment to the work plan is to file a copy of their work plan in each of the employees’ files.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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