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The paper "Management and General Business" is a good example of a Business assignment.   Top managers. These are the organization’ s executive components. They handle the direction of the entity. At this level, the long-term institutional directions from the input from mid-level managers. Examples of top-level managers are Chief Executive Officers (CEO), and Chief Financial Officers (CFO).   Middle managers. This level of management is the connection between the lower levels and the top management. Middle-level managers’ involvement is with the daily running of the organization’ s affairs. Examples for this level are general managers and operation managers (Koontz, et al. , 1986). Lower managers.

These lowest tier managers are the link between middle management and non-management employees. They play a vital role in the activities of the organization undertaking tasks such as human resource management and organizational budgeting. Examples for this level are supervisors and retail managers. Question 2 This role defines the process of setting long-term and short-term goals for the organization and determination of the course of action towards these objectives. Under planning, examples are budgeting and waste monitoring. This function covers directing, guiding, and motivating people to work towards the organization’ s goals.

It also ensures that the people in the party are willing and able to perform at expected output levels. Examples of leading activities are supervision and motivation. This process defines the structuring of organization-wide relationships through job placement and group formation to ensure work is done. The duties of this function are hiring and firing within an institution (Koontz, et al. , 1986).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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