Essays on Management Communication and Perception in Human Beings Assignment

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The paper "Management Communication and Perception in Human Beings " is a perfect example of a management assignment. Following a radio show aired on Tuesday the 13th of September, 2015, that was hosted by Glenn Beck, he went ahead to accuse the Tea party supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump of being racist. This was a very strong accusation and comment that he made on the incident. From his point of view, he saw them as being racist due to the way they wavered in their support. He has a very strong opinion (Maslow, 1968).

In my place, I would begin by finding a good base to raise my argument to them. Before calling them racist, I would begin by trying to reason in the same way and find the main reason for their support of the candidacy of Mr. Trump. In a presentation, I would give a similar opinion but would support it with convincing evidence and facts. This would help in convincing the listeners on the genuineness of my remarks. On the same Breitbart news website, a video is provided.

It states that ‘ most journalists fail to stand up for anthem at democratic debate’ . In this video, the reporter is not in any partial. The people who are aired as failing to stand up for the anthem (Maslow and Hoffman, 1996). The reporter ensures neutrality in the editing of the video. On my view, I would have the same stand as the reporter. An informative speech is one that seeks to provide facts, statistics, or general evidence. Their main area of concern is the creation of knowledge to the readers and the audience (Maslow et al.

1998). An example is a lecture where students are educated on new things. On the other hand, a persuasive speech is one that has the aim of convincing the audience that some given agenda is correct. An example is a sales marketing for a product. Two popular TV programs popularly watched are Trisha and the Steve Harvey show. They have an inspiration aspect in that they both seek at reconciling conflicting parties and the healing of broken hearts. The Trisha show ensures the use of supporting evidence such as DNAs to confirm the paternity of a person.

The Steve Harvey Show, on the other hand, brings together the conflicting party together and they resolve their conflicts by means of dialogue (Maslow et al. 1982). He uses the humor part of it where people previously infuriated will find themselves laughing, which is a part of the healing process.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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