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The paper "Communication Management Activities" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Communication is an activity that involves the dissemination of information from one source to another. Communication should be done effectively as it is the basis of healthy relationships at the workplace and harmonious coexistence within society. Question A1 There are various environmental cues that have direct and indirect impacts on communication. The major environmental cues include the setting, the scene as well as the context of the environment where the communication is taking place. The setting of the place impacts the different expectations of the audience.

For instance, a setting for a business meeting is different from a class setting since the audiences are different and have different expectations. The scene involves the use of verbal and nonverbal communication skills. The perception of certain information is driven home by the application of communication skills in the scene of communication. More so, the expectation of the audience is affected by the context  (Bell 15). For instance, in class, there is a context expectation where a formal language is used between the instructor and the learners.

Additionally, the verbal and nonverbal skills applied also depend on the context of communication. Question A2 The communicator has a responsibility to the audience so does the audience to the communicator. Communication is a mutual activity that actively involves both the audience and the speaker for it to be a success. The communicator should be clear, organized and punctual. The speaker should ensure that the environment is made effective for the efficient dissemination of the message, for example through the use of technology  (Bell 27). Therefore the right verbal and nonverbal communication skills must be employed ethically with relevance to the context.

The audience on the other hand should look forward to understanding the message being put across by the speaker. For instance, as the audience listens, it is necessary to maintain eye contact with the speaker to increase the capacity of concentration.

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