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Management Corruption in Saudi Airline Stakeholder Donya Ayub Stakeholder Role: Traveller My is Donya Ayub. I am 30 years old. Before coming to study MSc Management in the UK, I was operating my family’s business in Saudi Arabia where my family still resides. Having travelled to and from Saudi Arabia aboard many airlines, I will play the traveller’s position in our group. We will try to highlight the management corruption in Saudi Airline and its effects on the operation and service delivery of the airline. In my point of view, the high level of corruption among the top management of Saudi Airline is adversely affecting the running and service delivery of the airline.

Corruption deters proper delivery of services as the management is less concerned with effectively operating the airline, but more concerned with how to attain their personal goals at the expense of the organization. Corruption at the management level has become more intense in the recent past as compared to previous years. For instance, during my travels with the airline some few years back, one could clearly see the airline’s staff commitment in their duties; this has, however, changed as once on the airline premises one feels an air of discontentment among the staff on the ground and on board flights.

Some people may think that the deterioration in the airline’s service delivery is as a result of lack of a qualified managerial team. In fact, I think the airline has very competent managers who are well equipped to run the airline successfully; thus, the problem cannot be blamed on under qualification, but on corruption of the airline’s management.

The Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission should launch investigations into these managers and prosecute those found guilty of corruption so as to bring back the high quality service delivery previously associated with the airline (Pedler. 2007, p. 167) I was interviewed by an analyst concerning the management corruption in the airline. . The interview occurs at the airline lobby. Analyst: How has management corruption manifested itself in the airline’s operations? Donya: The quality of service delivery from stewardesses has greatly deteriorated Analyst: How do you think this is related to management corruption? Donya: A resent strike by the staff, complaining of inadequate compensation while management take monthly vacations fully paid for by the airline Analyst: Has the poor remuneration affected any other unit of the airline’s operations? Donya: The quality and quantity of meals on flights has also gone down Analyst: How has the staff explained this problem?

Donya: Upon inquiry from staff that I have become acquainted with from my numerous travels with the airline, I learnt that the management has reduced resource allocation to food supplies by almost half. Analyst: You learnt this from the kitchen staff? Donya: Yes, in fact, a very disgruntled kitchen staff explained that not only has the food supply been slashed, but the new chief chef who was hired is a college dropout and the cousin of one of the managers, the shocking Analyst: Overall, what would you say is the implication of management’s corruption? Donya: More clients are moving to other airlines, as a matter of fact, this is my last flight with them Analyst: What do you think can be done to salvage the situation? Donya: The government, through the Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission should step in and prosecute these corrupt managers Analyst: Thank you for your time Monthly vacations Poor staff remuneration References Pedler, M.

2007. A Managers Guide to Self Development. London: McGraw-Hill Professional.

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