Essays on Advantages of Using PRINCE2 Model:Shelter Case Study

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The paper "Advantages of Using PRINCE2 Model: Shelter" is a wonderful example of a case study on management.   The shelter is one of the not for profit organization in England which carries out different kind of tasks targeting better housing to citizens. Mostly, they give advices to different categories of people ranging from young to old. In this attempt, they supported more than one thousand children advice wise on housing in collaboration with childcare professionals. They also managed to advise more than 35,000 tenants on possible means for avoiding losses emanating from eviction, how to deal with property owners whenever a dispute arises, and much emphasis put on the importance of tenants’ awareness on their rights.

This organization also saved more than 194,000 people against homelessness. Shelter organized negotiations with the different governmental departments on the possibility of cutting housing benefits by 10% for people who failed to secure a job within 12 months. Much of the work done by this organization is advisory but it is essential if this organization can seek monetary funding so that they can solve the housing problem faced by many citizens.

With the high recession rate experience in the year 2010, shelter faced tough times since the effects had hit the people who in turn sought assistance from this organization. The effects of this recession were an increase in unemployment, high cost of living, and a rampant rise in homelessness effects. This projection was that the situation would become even worse in the future, therefore, calling the urgency of the matter. Given the organization has been allocated a budget of $ 250,000 the CEO must devise a new project which will see the problem on housing is solved partially if not a hundred percent. CEO in collaboration with the government can facilitate the construction of cheaper apartments to serve the people who have hardly hit by the effect of the recession.

The government should be involved since it previously cut the public spending when the coalition government came into place in 2010. The organization will construct these apartments in phases where one phase completion before starting a new phase to avoid white elephant projects. Once a phase is complete, the first privilege applies to the first victims of retrenchment since the latter has the amnesty from the government for 12 months.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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