Essays on The Qantas Group Aviation Industry Case Study

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The paper "The Qantas Group Aviation Industry" is a perfect example of a management case study. This report will analyze the situation of Qantas Airlines and use it to give some recommendations that will help to steer the company towards success. The purpose of situational analysis is to assist the managers of a company to understand the position of their company in the market place. This report provides insight on Qantas Airline with the information provided the management crew at Qantas can determine the most and effective growth strategy that the company should employ as part of their business strategy.

Additionally, Qantas Airline will benefit from this situation analysis since the company can make use of it in future plans to efficiently carry out an assessment on which domestic and international markets it can penetrate. Through the evaluation of previous trends of Qantas, the airline can determine which strategies to implement that will assist the company to gain enough incentives to provide product and services that will reach the end-users. Further, the report provides recommendations which will assist the company in overcoming the challenges posed by competitors in the aviation industry as well as alternative industries. Qantas Airline Vission and Business Strategy The airline is well known for its brands’ logo, ‘ Red Kangaroo’ which is branded on its two brand airlines, Qantas brand and Jestar Brand.

The airline’ s vision statement is, according to the Qantas Annual Report (2009) “ World Best Premium and Low Fare Airlines. ” The airline operates in three distinct segments which include; Marketing, Operations, customer and commercial services. SWOT analysis and Porter’ s generic models are applied in this report to comprehend the current situation of the brand in the aviation market.

Using these two analysis models, the report will provide possible recommendations or strategies that the airline may employ in its management and operations for it to thrive in the market as well as overcome any challenges. To achieve the vision statement of the airline, Qantas Airline has chosen to first focus on its employees and satisfies their needs before embarking on using the five main strategies as outlined by Qantas in living up to its vision. These five strategies include “ Safety in our first priority, Right aircrafts Right Routes, Customer Service Excellence, and Operational Efficiency on top of these there is the two complementary brands Qantas and Jestar that operate to serve the domestic and international airline market” (Qantas Annual Report, 2009). In addressing safety, it is evident that Qantas Airline is well recognized for this aspect of aviation.

Sustainability report (2008), addresses Qantas’ “ sustaining the spirit” motto. In the sustainability report, Qantas asserts that it has been consistent in sustaining its leadership style which has greatly contributed to the airline earning the trust of its customers globally.

In addition to this, the company has maintained a strict audit plan that ensures its activities are aligned to the current security measures. This is achieved by adapting the International Air Transport Association’ s with Operational Safety Audit Certification which is renewed after every two years (Sustainability Report, 2008, pp. 11)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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