Essays on Management Skills - An Analysis of the Workplace Depicted in David Jones Limiteds Case Case Study

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The paper "Management Skills - An Analysis of the Workplace Depicted in David Jones Limited’ s Case" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The conduct demonstrated by the Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mclnnes, and the eventual ignorance of other managers is highly unacceptable and can be considered to be a discredit to the management role. This is not only a case of disrespecting the organization’ s code of ethics and conduct but also represents downright unprofessionalism among the managers at David Jones Limited. They cannot be described as good leaders because their actions do not promote the general welfare of employees.

It is unfortunate that Kristy Fraser-Kirk  had to go through a sexual harassment experience yet the code of ethics and conduct prohibited it. It was more surprising than the CEO, who was supposed to ensure that all the rules in the company are strictly followed, was the first to break the rules, and that no one questioned his actions. The CEO seems to get away with his behavior because other managers are not willing to challenge his actions, probably because he is their senior.

In essence, the code appears to have been useless and did not play any role in protecting employees. Further, the management’ s role in protecting employee rights at David Jones Limited is highly flawed. This paper is an analysis of the workplace depicted in David Jones Limited’ s case study. The main focus will be on Chief Executive Officer, Mark Mclnnes, and the Public Relations General Manager, Anne-Maree Kelly, and the former CEO; with a view of analyzing their actions, attitudes, and skills. Recommendations will also be offered on how the Board of Directors can effectively solve the problem The workplace The case presents a workplace that is highly disorienting and where there is no regard for the company’ s rules and regulations.

As witnessed in the case of Fraser-Kirk, the CEO of the company actually leads to breaking the laws when he should be encouraging compliance among his followers. It is an indication of poor leadership skills on the part of the CEO and little regard to the employees’ welfare. This in turn has rendered the law on harassment redundant; such that other managers are engaging themselves in practices amounting to sexual harassment.

As a result, employees have developed a fear of reporting harassment cases because actually there is no one to report to. The same people who are expected to address the case have no sense of responsibility towards protecting the company’ s code of ethics and conduct and instead take complaints such as the one presented by Fraser-Kirk for granted. This can be evidenced by the manner in which Kelly and Koch, Fraser-Kirk’ s immediate supervisor responded to her when she came to them for help and did nothing else to protect her from further harassment or even attempt to address the issue with the CEO.

Furthermore, junior managers may fear to address a violation that affects the CEO directly because they may be afraid of challenging their boss, thus risking their jobs as noted by Stewart (2008). The workplace at David Jones Limited therefore cannot be considered a favorable place to work because the female employees are at a constant threat of unsolicited sexual advances from their managers, yet they have nowhere to seek help.


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