Essays on Strength and Weakness of Dubai Tourism Case Study

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The paper 'Strength and Weakness of Dubai Tourism" is a good example of a tourism case study.   The global economy has entered a growth phase whereby which certain sectors has been witnessing unprecedented growth and to leverage the present day’ s consumers buying and spending habits, a certain amount of management strategy should be there to cash on it. The countries have become borderless and the process has started pace with the introduction of new communication technologies. The internet has added a boost to the sale of products and many business and management organizations are facing a change in the traditional strategy. Firms and countries need to remain open to the latest developments in technology and management to survive in this competitive world.

There should be awareness of upgrading the management processes and enhance performance standards. The scope and the approach of a management leader get changed by time and the aim of the article is to highlight the trends in management with Dubai tourism industry chosen as an example. Planning The basic of management is planning (Planning, http: //managementhelp. org/plan_dec/gen_plan/gen_plan. htm). By the term planning what is meant is that to set the direction for something.

It is done to ensure that the system will follow the planned direction. Every organization will have some inputs in the form of raw materials, money, technologies, and people. The inputs will be pushed through a process, aligned, moved along, coordinated to achieve the goals that have been set for the organization. The outputs can be set for the results that have been achieved like the products or the services for the consumers. This can be more jobs for the workers, more living conditions for the consumers and so on.

The planning can be set for an organization as a whole or a part of the department. The planning can start from the government level. In the Middle East, Dubai an example can be set as what planning can achieve and this can be understood by the growth of Dubai in the tourism industry. Dubai was an economy that was dependent on the oil economy for a long time. Dubai is considered the second state in the UAE after Abu Dhabi.

The primary planning was to establish Dubai as a center for telecommunications, finance and real estate. Tourism was made an important part of the planning and this was demonstrated by the fact that tourism was headed by Family ruler. The reason for choosing tourism was that Dubai was considered as the most liberal state in the Middle East and more than half of the residents of Dubai were expatriates. Determining the organization’ s mission and goal The organization mission can be said in simple terms like the reason for the existence of the organization. The mission is usually expressed in the mission statement.

This gives the idea of purpose to the employees and it also gives the image of the organization to the consumer. In short terms, it sets the mood in which the company should go (“ mission” , http: //www. netmba. com/strategy/process/) The objectives can be termed as goals that the organization should aim to reach. The objective set should be challenging but achievable. The goal should be set in such a way that it is measurable and the organization should be monitoring the progress against the set goals.

The goals that can be set as the output from the organization. The strategy is the method for achieving or reaching goals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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