Essays on Managing International Business: Burberry Assignment

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The paper "Managing International Business: Burberry" is a great example of an assignment on business. Burberry is a London-based luxury fashion house. It was founded in the year 1856. Trench court is the most famous product of Burberry. It is listed with the London stock exchange. Burberry has a good balance of distribution consisting of retailing, wholesale and licensing. It is having a worldwide presence and is having more than 9000 employees around the world. It recorded £ 1,998.7 million in revenue in 2013 while net income was £ 259.2 million in 2013.

Burberry is also having a very suitable vision statement which states that the company is having a pure brand vision. It is connected very closely and united with cross-cultural collaboration and also encourages creative thinking and intuitions. Burberry has a very clear-cut vision regarding giving back something to society. Its vision statement shows that the company gives lots of importance to different CSR activities. According to the mission statement of the company, it is very clear that it gives lots of importance to disciplinary matters of execution. Constant evolution is also a very integral part of the company.

Its mission statement shows that the organization focuses on maintaining a good balance among its all different channels of distribution. Thomas Burberry was the founder of the company. The concern is performing very well in the London stock market the company is giving dividends continuously for the last seven years. The share price of the company is also very high and is having a very rich history and heritage in the luxury fashion industry. The goal is to have sustainable and profitable growth in the long run for having consistent growth in increasing the brand value and position in the market on a constant basis.

It is well known to achieve its goals been set for achieving the excellence in operations and also in the market by providing best quality and designs for the customers from last many years. These goals of the company are basically been set based on the future plans by the company and having a forecast for the future to become a globally known good fashion brand in the fashion industry.

To achieve these goals the company has set up some of the basic objectives to achieve on a constant basis. The objectives are generally been set for achieving short-term things.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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