Essays on MANAGING MARKETS -marketing Plan For The Launch Of A New Tablet-style Personal Assignment

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1.0 Introduction Kim (2007:133) posits that a crucial approach for business companies to achieve global competitive advantage is to build layers of advantages. This means a company must continue to expand its competitiveness. The success factor in any business model depends on how atop level management are able to craft business and corporate strategy by analysing external environment, at macro & industry level and internal environment (Kristandl and Bontis, 2007:943). This will enable them to point exact areas of exploitation and areas of improvement through proper business practices like innovation, creation of switching cost, low operation and production cost/ cost leadership, total quality management, marketing research and mix, leadership, customer acquisition and retention, reward & performance management, just in time production & supplies management.

The essence is to create value at low cost to the ultimate customer as compared to other competitors so as to lock them in. Before churning out marketing plan it is prudent for firms to do marketing research so as to establish market attractiveness. In order to satisfy the numerous customer needs, marketing managers are required to make informed and strategic wide array of information.

These decisions are on the 7Ps of marketing, segmentation of market, opportunities, selection of target market, marketing performance, and implementation of marketing programs. These can only be attained by proper marketing plan. The principal aim of marketing plan is to pinpoint how marketing mix (7Ps) and its elements can be utilised in the context of macro environment, competitors, bargaining power of buyers, internal competencies, mission and vision of a company (Aaker, Kumar and Day, 2001:2, 3 & 4). This report presents operational marketing plan for DIGITEK Company which is launching a new tablet-style personal computer. 2.0 The Company and its MarketDIGITEK Company was founded in 1990.

After retirement, the founder Casper George invested in development of open software systems in Brisbane Australia. Presently, The Company operates across Europe, Canada, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australasia. The current market focus of DIGITEK Company is on electronic segment with both focus on low end and upmarket segments worldwide. Apart from income and social status, the company targets different segments of the population based on age parameters.

They have wide range of products for all of their customers and engage in marketing mix. Currently, DIGITEK Company is involved in the designing, manufacture, as well as the marketing of electronics like computer hardware, fixed telecommunication products, software and mobile communication gadgets. Along with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players. The company has adopted business to business approach whereby they have distribution channels and also they have adopted business to consumer market through online trading portal.

The company has direct sales force, as well as third party resellers to help in distributing its products. 3.0 Company’s Mission and VisionMission is the purpose that an organisation seeks to attain. This broad statement acts like a reminder to all on where they should direct their energies. All activities, ventures and formulations are done in line with the vision framework so that this aspiration is achieved. The company’s mission is “making life better through communication”. Vision can be seen as the ultimate goal of where an organisation wants to be in the future.

It is futuristic dream that can only be realized with properly formulated strategic management plan. The vision is to “provide and be the preferred developer of communication gadgets and other accessories in the world”.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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