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The paper 'Managing Operations and Quality' is a great example of a Management Case Study. This paper aims at studying the operation and quality management at WH Smith, which was founded in 1792 by Smith Family and became WH Smith Company in 1828. WH Smith operates at several high streets, shopping centers, and railway stations. WH Smith is a company dealing with book retailing and news agency. The main WH Smith store is located in Swindon. Operational activities are an important aspect of any organization. Operations management is the activities that are carried out by an organization to create the highest efficiency levels with the available resources (Doran, 2014).

Operations and quality management are all about the utilization of the available resources to produce optimum profits. Management of operations in organizations involves planning, controlling, and organizing operations. To ensure that the efficiency and functionality of the organization are sustained WH Smith employs operations management. The efficiency aspect at WH Smith covers the utilization of resources including raw materials and human resources to gain maximum revenue. By reducing the projects that are less profitable, WH Smith can cut down production costs.

This report examines WH Smith through several operations management tools including the IPO process, the four V’ s, three E’ s, five performance objectives, and the layout and design process of the stores. Recommendations are then provided including layout changes, incorporating linear programming systems, and minimization of inventory as a flexibility maintenance technique. Introduction The purpose of this report is to analyze WH Smith as a company in general, but the focus is on its stores especially the main store in England, Swindon. There has been a drop in revenue for the company especially due to increased competition and failure of the company to integrate online selling at the required rate.

This drop in revenue has forced the company to shift its focus into the online selling of its products since that is where the world is headed. Operations and quality management is an important part of WH Smith in its attempt to take the company back to its high performing years. Through operations and quality management strategies, the company has shown significant improvements over the past few years.

Below is an analysis and recommendation report on WH Smith Company. Statement and Analysis IPO Process at WH Smith The IPO process entails Input, processing, and output (Doran, 2014). Input Input at WH Smith entails the raw materials required by the company for the production process for example the books, magazines, pens, files, print paper, and other types of stationery. The company needs to acquire raw materials from distributors that create value for money. WH Smith does research first on the distributors then selects the distributor that provides quality raw materials at the lowest price.

It is essential for all organizations to acquire raw materials at the lowest cost possible to minimize the cost of production, which will, in turn, allow the company to maximize profits; this is the main function of operations management. Another utility at the input stage is employees or what can be referred to as a human resource. WH Smith has put in place strategies to manage its employees and ensure that they produce at the highest level and therefore earn the company maximum revenues by beating competition from its rivals.

Managerial activities and resource allocation also make up the input stage of WH Smith. The company has ensured that it has effective management strategies that ensure the smooth operations of the company. Since WH Smith is a profit-making company that deals with book and other stationery retail and news agency, management of the company's operations are essential and this is proven through the revenue that the company records each financial year.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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