Essays on Managing Team and Individual Performance Assignment

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The paper "Managing Team and Individual Performance" is an excellent example of an assignment on management. The author of the paper states that the performance objective is a goal describing the activities that the organization has to accomplish with a specified duration. Therefore, performance objective tends to express the direction and the extent of achievement that the organization aims to accomplish in every aspect: lower levels, the parts of individuals and teams, and departmental sections that form the organization. In the paper, the researcher will focus on the Extra Mile Care in a bid to illustrate the manner in which performance is applicable within the organization.

The organization falls within the domiciliary care; as a result, it assists the patients in need of remaining and enjoying the comfort of their homes with their beloved ones but has no ability to manage on their own and achieving some of their daily activities within the personal. Task 1 The Links between Individual, Team, and Organizational Objectives Normally, the organization and the teams need to work closely to achieve the required objectives. In addition, the link that occurs between the teams, individuals, and organizational objectives is based on the agreed principles and contract for the achievement of common goals within a specified time.

Besides, the link created between the team, individuals, and organizational objectives often describes the overall objectives of the organization with the team and organization aim to receive irrespective of the duration: long term and short term (Williams 201). The author argues in a well-organized manner that at Extra Mile Care, the combination of the team, individual, and organizational objective aims to ensure the provision of the best care services that meet the needs of its potential customers.

In this case, the potential customers are those in need of its services within the community, a factor that would propel it towards being the best care company within the state.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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