Essays on Antecedents and Consequences of Marketing Strategy Making Case Study

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The paper "Antecedents and Consequences of Marketing Strategy Making" is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. It is important that a company takes stock of its operations every now and then. How often this maybe will depend on a number of factors like the size of the organization and the complexity of its management structure as well as the nature of the business. At the same time, the means by which this will be done will be determined by a number of factors. Nonetheless, the most basic thing is that any business will require some kind of stock taking at one time or another, to measure the progress and onjure the way forward.

Whatever the nature assumed by this report, it is important that it reflects the real occurrences around the environment from which the organization is operating. This study will develop a report based on a well known Australian Company known as David Jones.     Travel Management Consultants hereby present this report to Mr. Peter Wilkinson the Chief Executive officer of David Jones Company. This report analyses in detailed the situation of the organization by looking at all the areas of development that concern the organization in various ways from the survey carried out throughout the organization. Further, there is an analytical look of the company through the SWOT analysis methodology that interrogates the various points on which the company is anchored.

It also seeks to point out areas in which the company may be good at and would bring out better results if improved while looking into the environment in which it is operating using Porter’ s Five Forces Model to look at the competition that may pose a threat to its very existence.

This has been clearly stated and demonstrated to be able to show where the company needs more input and where more resources may be allocated o boost the companies overall gains This report is generally a scrutiny of the progress of the company that makes observations in regard to the process that the company has gone through. The report entails findings and recommendations for strategies that may be used to steer the company to the next level of its growth.

It has been divided into sections that are clearly titled and assumes the format of an engaging discussion of David Jones Company It is highly recommended that the company adopts this report as it reflects the overall outlook of the organization besides highlighting the way the company‘ s management structure may improve its performance amid competitive ideologies by rivals. Following the request by the Chief Executive officer of David Jones Company, this report has been prepared to give an insight into the operations of the organization in terms of its general performance.

The report seeks to give a detailed analysis of all aspects of the company and more so to look into the various programs that have been put in place to enhance profitability and maximize the input of human resources. The report also aims at looking into the assets and the liabilities of the company to be able to determine whether there is progress towards achieving the goals and standards that have been laid out for employees and management teams at all levels. In this case, all records that may give some assistance to this end will be looked into.

These may be in terms of receipts and auditor’ s reports that may help by giving more details.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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