Essays on Manner of Obtaining and Using Business Information Assignment

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The paper "Manner of Obtaining and Using Business Information" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business.   Information can be compared with raw materials in the sense that it is a vital requirement for making and implementing each and every decision and strategy in an organization. Every organization needs to decide the goals to be achieved, the steps to be taken to reach the goals, the plans to execute required actions to fulfill the goals, and the resources that need to be used for these purposes. Managing business information means having knowledge about an organization, the latest technologies, people associated with the organization, and the interconnection between them.

With the help of efficient business information management, it is possible to garner maximum returns from any kind of investment in business, personnel, and equipment. A management information system is basically “ a people-oriented field with an emphasis on service through technology” (“ What is Management Information Systems? ” ). The importance of proper and updated information is an absolute necessity for any business enterprise and at every level of business activities. The need is for an efficient way of assembling, processing, and storing all data.

With the help of a proper information system, this data is collected and distributed in the form of information that is required for the daily functioning of the business. Information is needed by every individual associated with the business, from lower-level employees to high-level management personnel. In this technology era, every business be it small or big like a car dealer or a retail store uses the computer database to study market trends and consumer choices to make the maximum sales of their products.

Today, many organizations focus on combining management information systems with business objectives to get a competitive advantage over other organizations. In order to make optimum utilization of a company’ s management information system, it is important to exploit all its aspects. The task of an information manager is to sort out the data obtained from company inputs to extract the necessary information that will benefit the daily operations of the company. A company’ s information system can be enhanced either by feeding sufficient data into the system or by finding innovative ways to use the information system.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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