Essays on Consumer Digital Journey - Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Study

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The paper "Consumer Digital Journey - Samsung Galaxy S4 " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Step 1: Awareness: First, the customer recognizes the need of having the phone. Most social media and online users would consider having a smartphone to counter their needs. Step 2: Discover: After identifying the specific need/s of having the product, a customer searches for information about Samsung Galaxy S4. The customer, in this case, should have to contact phone stores and Samsung manufacture with a hypothetical situation. Also, the customer can access the information through the Samsung website and call centre.

These are specific touchpoints where a customer can get comprehensive information about the product. Step 3: Plan of acquiring: The customer should decide on a plan of how to acquire the phone. This may be through direct purchase from the stores or placing an online order for delivery. Step 4: Purchase: The customer acquires the product through the channel of his/her choice. Stet 5: Post-purchase sensation: The customer shares the experience of purchasing the phone particularly by giving the positive evaluations of the phone. Touchpoints Samsung Galaxy S4 has expanded touchpoints where a consumer can interact with the brand owners.

These include digital marketing channels like Facebook, email, Twitter and Blogs. Most of the Samsung brands are communicated through social media and online platforms where consumers are given the chance to state their reviews about the product. The company (Samsung in this case) interact with the customer directly through these digital platforms. Also, customers of Samsung Galaxy S4 can get in touch with the manufacture through customer forums and customers services offered in different retail outlets of Samsung Company.

These outlets are found in most part of the world where customers can easily access. Mapping the digital journey Flowchart showing purchase journey of Samsung Galaxy S4 and touchpoints Analysis of customer experience The presentation of Samsung Galaxy S4 phone on online and social media has attracted the attention of many customers around the world. Most of the consumers have shifted to use Samsung Galaxy S4 due to its spectacular features. The online presence of a brand has positively affected the company’ s growth in terms of market share and sales ('Annual Report Samsung' 2014).

For instance, customers in the developing worlds are increasingly using Samsung phones. For this reason, online presence has opened up new markets as well as developing a strong brand image of the company which is a good impression. The critical analysis of customer experiences through examining of post-purchase reviews has referred many new customers to Samsung stores and retail outlets. A quantitative survey conducted in India by marketing team showed that 80% of new customers that obtained online information about Samsung S4 and other Samsung products went on and purchased the product.

The results also reflected up to 70% usability of the Samsung website. The website tracking results showed that before the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S5, the majority of customers were more attached to the features of Samsung Galaxy S4. More clicks were found to be for S4 implying that online presence of S4 attracted the attention of many customers in the market giving a worthy impression.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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