Essays on Margeting Campaign/Target - Transporter Headwear/Hat Assignment

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Marketing Campaign [N a m e] TRANSPORTER HAT PRODUCT The new sensational Transportation Hat has beenintroduced in the market just recently which allows people to go from one place to another in just few seconds. With the introduction of this new Transporter Hat there would be no need of aeroplanes, railways, automobiles and as a customer the cost of this transporter hat is very low in comparison to what an individual spends in travelling throughout his life. The transporter hat will not only save your transportation costs, but it would save your TIME as well. MARKETING CAMPAIGN Target Market Transportation hat will be available in different sizes and styles for both men and female to meet the needs of the customers.

However, the company has currently decided to introduce the product for people outside USA who would like to visit United States. Marketing Mediums There would be different mediums used to promote the newly product in the market TV Television would be one of the most important mediums used to promote the transportation hat. Importance and benefits of the hat will be displayed on TV commercials as well as testimonials of the people will also be shown.

Customers will be sharing their experience and sharing how the hat has been beneficial for them in saving time and transportation costs. Internet Internet will be used to make the customers aware about the product as well as in demonstrating the benefits of the product. Different online marketing techniques will be used by the company to promote the hat like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, Search Engine Optimization etc. In addition to this, social media will also be used to promote this newly introduced hat in the market as with the help of social media, company will be able to directly interact with the potential customers and thus they will be able to know the feedback of the customers.

Also videos will be uploaded on video marketing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo to promote the product. Print Media Print media will be also used by the company to make the target market aware about this innovative product. One of the concepts that will be displayed in the print media is shown in the picture below where different females belonging from different parts of the world are demonstrating by wearing the transporter hat. As people from different parts of the world will be targeted therefore different styles of the hats are used by the company to attract people from different culture and background. Radio The other medium used by the company to create awareness and to improve brand image would be through radio.

In radio, the users of the company will be speaking about their experience and how important and beneficial this transporter hat is for them and how it has been able to save their time and money.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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