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The paper "Essentials of Marketing And Marketing Principles " is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. With a budget of £ 3m, marketers have mostly the option of choosing mass media outlets such as radio and television. However, with the onset of fierce marketing on social media, choice social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have proved, time and again, to be very important in helping to reach, particularly segmented markets, especially the youth. £ 3m for breakfast recipe is a premium that can earn a marketer the opportunity to use mass media.

However, advertisements through billboards and banners may work more effectively when used as supplements for mass media. Besides carrying the message effectively, billboards are known to be prime points from which prospective markets gain knowledge on the existence of new products. Energy drinks marketed through the use of free samples offered to specific players during games may work well since each player gets to notice the product and also gets to try it out directly. While this may seem difficult to achieve, agreements signed with sports outfits gives marketers a chance to offer particular segment products, without a charge, but still stand a chance at gaining their trust. At a fee of £ 3,000, marketers may choose to woo opera lovers through the use of free tickets with the purchase of specific goods.

This, in turn, will serve as a conduit to get the opera enthusiasts to notice a particular product that is on focus. While this appears simple, the constant need by opera lovers to identify with their stars is a sure way of getting them to notice a product without much struggle. A small village pub may have a few loyal customers, but to net more, a budget of £ 500 may be used through encouraging this particular loyal segment to visit with new patrons, who will, in turn, be awarded certain products at fairly reduced prices, or discounts.

This works well with customers who are not sure about the services but would love to try them out nonetheless. Part 2 Nestle Cereals are a choice brand whose long presence in the market is appreciated for what it has offered customers over the period of its existence – exceptional products.

Two adverts that stand out include the Nestle Cereals – Hulk UK Advert and the Nestle Cereals – Shrek 2 Fun Faces Advert. There is an agreement that these particular adverts mainly appeal to children, mostly those not beyond their teenage years. Kotler and Armstrong (2012) opine that the clear identification of customer needs is quite important, and this forms the main reason Nestle chose animated characters and superheroes in Shrek and Hulk, to woo the market from the aforementioned segment. There is extensive use of music in both advertisements.

First off, music is quite important as a means to attract the attention of listeners. However, advertisements with such messages will have to use music that is appropriate for the said segment. In effect, Blythe (2005) associates the soundtrack in any production as a guide to the content – a means to achieve some intention. For instance, music with vigorous instrumentals may suggest loads of energy, just as is apparent in the Nestle Shrek 2 Advert. This would be a good pointer to the market segment that the cereals are a great source of energy.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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