Essays on The Development of a Response-Function for Customer Relationship Marketing Case Study

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The paper "The Development of a Response-Function for Customer Relationship Marketing" is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. Television Advertisement will be well in effectively introducing the product to the mass appeal. Arguably, consumers need to be visually appealed to the product in order for it to be accepted and appraised by the virtual of its appearance. A budget of $1 million is well enough to incorporate advertisement commercials during prime hours. Billboards can be effective in major cities, following the introduction of a television advertisement that completes the product. Social Media has proliferated the contemporary business environment, given its increased usage.

Incorporating such a strategy will effectively capture a large number of audiences. New Recipe of breakfast cereal Television Advertisement will be an imperative tool to highlight such a product/ strategy. Given that consumers need to envision the type and outcome of the product. Evidently, the TV commercial could feature 15 seconds to 30 seconds shots to highlight the product. The newspaper is considered an effective approach where female consumers are inclined to watching their diets. These could be featured in daily/weekly/monthly magazines.

This can be a perfect way to capture this niche effectively, given that women are compelled to purchase such products, contrary to male counterparts. Energy Drink Social media whereas energy drinks are directly associated with sporting events, their incorporation on various social media outlets can significantly improve the reach to the audience. Take for example, on Twitter, the marketers could fuse the energy drink products to a specific sport; have video, shot documentaries and photographs. The photos can generate extreme likes and shares which can promote the product to the additional audience. Classical Music Concert Posters are an effective way of attracting the local audience, particularly on new engagements, concerts, and music lovers.

Whereas a large number of audiences are inclined to music, posters ion the local region can effectively reach out to these users. Small Village Pub and Restaurant Posters and local magazines are effective tools in reaching the local people within a given community. With a relatively limited budget and audience, they effectively showcase the intended message and/or reaching introducing the leisure location. Part 2 Music is universal; where its experience is showcased in different approaches; through numerous means.

It can generate different emotions, raising its audience to a euphoric, what Simon Frith refers to as “ Music is what makes us human” (Frith, 2007). With respect to brands, music showcases a complicated are. Kotler (2010) suggests a new paradigm where music plays an instrumental role in the cultural mission and talent management. Music branding creates the emotional engagement of consumers through generating emotions, awakening associations and augmenting sympathy towards different brands. Consumers with self-enhancement goals appear to form a self-brand connection to the brands that are used by aspired groups, where the consumer wishes to become a member.

In a market typified by the higher proliferation of regional and international brands, celebrity endorsement was a distinct differentiator. Humor, on the other hand, adds significant value to the ad where consumers anticipate the humor presented in the ad. Whereas Humor in the scenes complements the add, technology creates curiosity in learning the new aspects and changes created in the modernized era



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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