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The paper “ KJ Bread Company’ s Marketing Plan and Allocating Budgets for It Promotion" is a thrilling version of a case study on marketing. K.J. Bread Company is a family-owned business located in Canberra. The company has provided Canberrans with a variety of bread products since 2005, and it has recently developed a new bread product named Fruity Delight. The bread has two main target markets: children aged 5-14 years old and the parents of these children. The bread will come in different animal shapes and will contain no artificial preservatives or colourings, as even the flavouring and colouring of the bread will come from fresh fruit juice used in production.

The packaging for Fruity Delight is funky and colourful and recyclable. We will like our consumers to perceive Fruity Delight as being highly nutritious, fun and healthy. The product will attract young customers because of its superior taste, texture, and attractive design. Furthermore, the health benefits it can provide for children will attract parents as consumers. Competitors of our product include grocery store brand bread such as ‘ Mighty Soft’ , local bakery stores, doughnut and biscuit manufacturers, and food snacks that children can buy at canteens.

Such competitors have strengths such as they are priced low (‘ Mighty Softy’ ), have pleasant tastes (snacks sold in canteens), etc. , but also have weaknesses such as they are not healthy (doughnuts and biscuits) or are located in inconvenient places (local bakery shops), etc. Our product, however, is healthy, tasty and sold in convenient locations. Fruity Delight will be sold in supermarkets, grocery stores and canteens and will be priced at $2 per bread. During our promotion campaign, we will include the use of media such as Television, outdoor media and magazines.

Through such media exposure, customers will be able to gain knowledge of the nutritious benefits the bread can provide for children. Furthermore, customers will also be attracted to our products through rewards, samples and discount offer we do. We hope Fruity Delight will bring us a notable profit and gain a 5% market share in the kid’ s food market over the next 5 years. In order to break even, we anticipate that the sales unit needs to be at least 361,242 units by the end of Year 1 based on our retail price. Situational AnalysisK. J.

Bread Company currently manufactures a range of classic bread and products are distributed across Canberra. The company is now launching a new type of bread called ‘ Fruity Delight’ , which combines the flavours of fresh fruits with healthy bread. The bread is made using a combination of wheat, gluten-free flour and selected fruit juices (apple, banana, berries etc. ). Fruity Delight is designed to target children of 5-14 years old and comes in all sorts of fun animal shapes.

Fruity Delight is baked daily in the factory and is packed in eco-friendly packaging ready to be distributed fresh to its customers. Fruity Delight is unique in its kind as no bread company in Canberra has specially designed bread products for children that incorporate healthy and ‘ fun’ factors. Market AnalysisK. J. Bread Company is well informed about the markets and knows a great deal of the common attributes of their customers. With this information, the company will be in a better position to understand their customers, their specific needs and how they can communicate best to its customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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