Essays on McDonalds Corporation and Its Application of the Marketing Mix Model Case Study

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The paper "McDonald’ s Corporation and Its Application of the Marketing Mix Model" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Since the 1970s, fast food outlet has been on the rapid increase in America as many have opted for the diet served in those outlets. Fast food outlets have been preferred by adolescents who frequently visit these fast food outlets preferably two times a week. The reason behind this has been due to time constraints and the changing lifestyle of the American people. This increasing demand for fast foods means that there is room for growth in the fast-food industry that Mc Donald’ s and other fast foods companies can exploit.

However, there is also a growing increase in the number of health-conscious Americans that has been brought about by the realization of the high number of overweight and obese citizens. In addition, more than two-thirds of the USA adults are obese or overweight and this is an alarming statistic for the future of the country. The widespread consumption of fast food among other lifestyle issues has been identified as the main cause of obesity in America and other countries and consequently, these pose a challenge in the continuous growth of the fast-food industry.

It, therefore, calls upon all the companies operating in the foodservice industry to position strategically to take advantage of the large market but yet to put into consideration the above health issues. 2.0 Introduction McDonald’ s Corporation is a food retail company with approximately 30,000 restaurants in over 100 countries thus emerging to be the worldwide leader in the food franchise sector. McDonald’ s Corporation recorded its highest profit in 2007 to hit an all-time high in its 54 years of history.

The success of the company has been in how well it has been able to employ the marketing mix model to create a competitive edge over its competitors. A marketing mix model is a set of decisions that a marketer has to make when introducing his products to the market in relation to price, product, promotion, and place. As the food industry is developing, there is pressure to realize the financial goals in the long run mainly from the external markets which can be realized through their emerging products and profit growth.

Proper use of the marketing mix will help McDonald’ s to take advantage of the diverse advertising channels in the media that will be of great help in delivering information to the customers. Through the internet, use of search engines, cell phones and texts amongst others, there is a need for the company to choose the method that will enable it to develop its targeted profits and sales growth and retain a stable customer base. 3.0 The marketing mix model The marketing mix model began with a single ‘ P’ this being the price.

However, there has developed a different view of defining marketing mix to be made up of the 4Ps’ this being the price, the promotion, the product and the place, which puts the marketing plan into operation.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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