Essays on Marketing Campaign as an Important Requirement for Red Bull Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Campaign as an Important Requirement for Red Bull" is an amazing example of a case study on marketing.   Red Bull is an international company that produces energy drinks. The energy drink is sold by Austrian and it was introduced in 1987 (Persad et al. , 2008). The slogan for the company is “ Red Bull gives you wings” . The company also arranges numerous events, sports teams, and celebrity endorsements with the aim of increasing its market share. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyze and discuss the marketing strategy for Red Bull. 2.0 Situational Analysis Red Bull is a major supplier of energy drinks and has a large market share.

Red Bull accounts for 42% of the market share and followed closely by Monster energy drink. According to 2012 sales, Red Bull record sells of appropriately $3 billion sales followed closely by Monster with a sale of $2.6 billion (Red Bull, 2013). To understand how Red Bull has continuously been successful in the energy drink industry, it is important to analyze its operations with the help of SWOT analysis SWOT analyses bring into consideration the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with an organization and in this case Red Bull organization. 2.1 Strengths The strengths associated with Red Bull include: Industry leadership – it accounts for most sales across numerous countries Unique and creative marketing capabilities Good relationship and understanding with major distributors 2.2 Weaknesses The weaknesses associated with Red Bull include: Lack of applicable innovation Reliance on small product base Huge marketing expenses 2.3 Opportunities Some opportunities on which Red Bull can maximize on include: Retail outlets diversification Diversification and extension of Red Bull product line Expanding into an extensive geographic area 2.4 Threats Red Bull is faced by numerous threats that include: Concerns associated with health The energy drink market is maturing Awareness of health consciousness by consumers 3.0 Objectives: To achieve any goal, it is important to highlight the objectives of any strategy.

The objectives of Red Bull are: To engage with Generation Y’ s whose bodies are invigorating To communicate to consumers on the availability of the drink for fatigued consumers To maintain and improve the position of Red Bull as an energy drink producer and beverage To inform the consumers on threats of associating alcohol with Red Bull 4.0 Segmentation and Target Market Segmentation and market targeting is important to ensure an organization maximizes its minimal resources in ensuring the objectives and strategies are achieved (Gospe, 2008).

In segmentation, numerous strategies can be employed based on consumers’ base and also their requirements. The following illustrates the target market and segment analysis. Geographic segmentation – Red Bull aims to increase geographic position through seeking for new markets whereby the products can be sold. Advancement in technology and globalization are opportunities in which the Red Bull can improve its market share.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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