Essays on How Does the Marketing Strategy of the Guinness Storehouse Scenario Address the Four Ps Case Study

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The paper “ How Does the Marketing Strategy of the Guinness Storehouse Scenario Address the Four Ps? " is a  wonderful example of a literature review on marketing. Guinness is a readily defined beer product that has over the years gained a foothold in the international market. Started by Arthur Guinness in 1757, the beer brand has a history that inspires both admiration and loyalty from consumers and non-consumers. It is the same history that is well captured in the Guinness storehouse, which according to Aine Friel (cited by Williams, 2006, p.

491) has ‘ ... created 2.5 million brand ambassadors who are talking about Guinness” . The marketing experience of the Storehouse is contained in its cohesive theme and achievable memorabilia, which not only engages the customer’ s senses but also makes it easier for the company to solicit feedback from people who visit it. Based on such feedback, the brand owners are able to gauge their standing among the public and hence make any improvements that they deem necessary to enhance their acceptance among their existing and potential consumers. Among the notable features in the Guinness Storehouse is the open postcard where visitors are encouraged to leave their comments.

Speaking on behalf of the Guinness Storehouse, Aine Friel (cited by Williams, 2006, p. 491) observes that visitors view the open postcard as a direct way of speaking to the Guinness brand managers. Hence, they attach more respect to the brand and what it represents based on such a simple act of transparency. The Guinness marketing strategy was one that arose by sheer chance. Pressed to expand the Guinness Brewery’ s hop store in order to accommodate the ever-increasing number of visitors, the company wanted to redesign the premises in order to make it not only a visitor attraction but also a brand ambassador for Guinness.

Notably, however, even the agency contracted to redesign the hop store did not know the exact design that would befit Guinness’ s history and tradition. A fact-finding mission discovered among other strategic issues, that while the Guinness brand has succeeded in inspiring “ important connotations of tradition and heritage among its older consumers, it wasn’ t engaging younger drinkers” effectively. Gauging this observation based on the definition of strategic marketing, it is easy to see why the agency commissioned to re-design the hop store attached a great significance to the same.

According to Jain (2009, p. 23), the marketing strategy addresses how the organization handles customers’ interests, competition, and its own internal dynamics. Hence, marketing strategies are concerned with the future outcomes of a company. If Jain’ s (2009) assertion is true, it is easy to understand why the agency underscored the importance of considering the younger generation of consumers. To be exact, most companies try to capture the younger consumers because they not only make a high percentage of the population worldwide but also have more consumption years ahead of them compared to their older counterparts. During the fact-finding mission, the agencies (Imagination and RKD) also identified the fact that the Guinness brewery did not have an on-site learning facility; its history of generosity to the society through the creation of social places; and the fact that brewery’ s archive was a resource that people did not know about, as other factors that they (the agencies) would consider during the redesigning process.

Consequently, the Guinness Storehouse was designed, built and launched as a “ complete brand experience with a training center, company archive, bars, restaurants, and gallery space” (case study, p. 1). Among the indicators that suggest that the marketing strategy was successful is the recognition of the Storehouse as the leading visitor attraction in Ireland.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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