Essays on Customer Value Offered by YouTube, Innocent Ltd, Paddy Power, Red Bull, IKEA, and LEGO Assignment

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The paper "Customer Value Offered by YouTube, Innocent Ltd, Paddy Power, Red Bull, IKEA, and LEGO " is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Case 1 – YouTube (page 23)The type of customer value offered by YouTube YouTube enables a platform where its customers share and watch videos and other information. The viewers are able to access and watch the videos directly, and they do not need specialized software to watch them. How do businesses like YouTube alter the ways that organizations and customers interact? Organizations are able to advertise their products by establishing videos and availing them on YouTube.

Consumers are able to understand more about the products by watching them than h\just reading on a paper. Customers make comments on the videos and the companies can make improvements on the products, based on the comments. Customers also know the benefits and destructions of certain products, and they can make an informed judgment about whether to buy the products or not. Challenges to be faced by YouTube One of the challenges is the revenue challenge. There is no defined way in which one will get revenues from all its clients without sending them.

The other major challenge relates to the copyrights and legality of the videos uploaded. The company faces legal issues on copyrights. Increased competition is another challenge facing YouTube. New companies are being established and this may affect the operations of YouTube. Case 2 – Innocent Ltd (page 51) What environmental trends created the opportunity for innocent to build its dominant position in the smoothie market? The fast-growing wave on healthy living and eating gave innocent Ltd the opportunity to position itself as a dominant brand.

It designed its products for people who were rich, health-conscious customers who did not have the time to take fruits and make healthy meals. Evaluate the Innocent’ s marketing mix. What are its strengths and weaknesses? From three recipes, the company has over 30 recipes today packaged in three different sized bottles. The company is able to place a premium price on its products since they are pure fruits. The company has increased its sales, as people are willing to pay the prices for the natural fruit juices. The problem with this strategy is that new companies are developing with cheaper juices, and the company is likely to lose their customers to competitors. Analyze Innocent’ s relationships with its customers.

How have these relationships assisted with the development of the brand? The company builds relationships with customers by interacting with them through distinctive company cars and at village fetes. This has helped in the development of the brand as the customers feel like part of the company. Innocent Ltd introduced a website, which gives the chance for the customers to give their recipes and feedbacks to the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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