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The paper "FPA Consumer Advertising Campaign " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   These communication pieces display life not to be complex in terms of financial planning; these ads inform Australians that regardless of how complex their financial situations might be, they can be turned around and work for better. FPA’ s ads are essential in helping customers find trust worth financial planners while at the same time recognizing high standards and professionalism of FPA members. FPA Consumer Advertising Campaign started in April 2014, where target advertisements were rolled out until June.

The print ads appeared across all national and regional newspapers for the aforementioned three months. Overall objective (What Overall) In general, the overall aim for FPA’ s ads campaign is creating awareness of professional financial planners (FPA members ) as well as driving people to the ‘ Find a Planner’ tool which allows them to be in touch with a local FPA member. Specific FPA Ads Objectives To make sure that Australians know who they can turn to when they need to be trusted and credible financial planning advice To help consumers overcome inertia and decide to talk to a financial planner To make Australians understand the importance of seeking advice that takes into consideration their individual needs and provides a long-term strategy and not just a short-term or product-focused strategy   FPA Advertisement Why (how the message is supported) The FPA ad above was created by the company; the message was well developed or planned.

The receiver is able to receive and comprehend the information being sent. The message presented in the advert above targets to yield a positive attitude from the audience; the favorable attitude created is essential in earning the FPA the success the company covets to achieve. Who (target audience) FPA ads target individuals aged between 34 – 64 years with an aptitude of bettering their financial situation across the nation.

For instance, the firm offers financial planning to businesses, individuals, and non-profit making organizations. Through partitioning, FPA has been able to successively divide their market into subdivisions which represent an approximate market of their product. FPA strictly offers financial planning to Australians; financial planning defines FPA’ s business. By doing so, the firm lifts the educational standards of financial planners.

Accordingly, credible and trusted financial advice is offered to consumers to understand how financial planning is key to becoming financially safe. By partitioning its market, FPA has positioned itself as the best organization offering financial planning services to the larger Australian public. How (Medium of Communication) FPA is the company that is communicating to its existing and potential customers; the main goal here is to put financial thoughts, ideas, and/or information in a symbolic format that can easily be understood by the receiver. In this regard, FPA used Encoding and Decoding symbols that are easy and simple for receivers to understand; the verbal technique was used whereby written words were the main message symbols.

In this particular ad, the source is credible and hence the receivers are able to internalize the message being sent. Accordingly, the source is attractive thus the audience can identify the message. More importantly, the source is powerful and therefore receivers are bound to comply with the piece of communication being forwarded. Similarly, the company chose print media as the message presentation channel; this increased message presentation and thus a wide range of customers can access the marketing information being communicated.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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