Essays on Marketing Communication of Competing Brands - A2 Milk Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Communication of Competing Brands - A2 Milk Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   To increase brand sales and market share, A2 milk launched a campaign to drive these objectives. The milk is aimed to meet consumer-specific demands. Through the campaign, the company planned to sell category need, increase the level of brand awareness, and improve the brand attitude through launching the shows in the television advertisement. Since it was launched in 2003, the milk has been able to change the traditional milk industry. In the marketing campaign, customer health remained the key point.

Based on the research, about one in four Australians have problems in taking regular milk which causes digestive issues, diarrhoea, and discomfort. As a result, most people believed that they were lactose intolerant. The A2 milk comes from the cows selected to produce milk that contains only A2 protein (Keith,   2009, 122). The campaign aimed to alert many Australians having difficulty with A1 milk that they had an alternative. Even though offering the Australians the A2 milk failed to stand out at first glance during the campaign, it differed from the other brands: the A2 milk did not aim to promote an alternative for the milk-averse customers.

However, the campaign aimed to get those customers to try the milk again. The main slogan used in the marketing campaign was that the A2 Milk Company produced safe milk to those with high levels of sensitiveness. Critique Communications Objectives A2 Milk Company hoped that through the marketing campaign, the customers would have a chance to know organizational characteristics, the products, and brands it offers to the market.

Therefore, marketing communication is a key factor for the company to meet such an objective. Marketing communication is considered as all the messages and media deployed to communicate with the market. A2 Milk Company advertisement aimed to promote the safety of the milk to sensitive customers. Moreover, the purpose of the company was to remind the customers when they want to buy milk that is safe for their digestion, A2 was the best choice. Considering that the milk was an infrequently purchased product, establishing brand awareness played an important role in the development of marketing communication.

There are two types of brand awareness that the marketing campaign focused on: recall and purchase. The advertisement of A2 Milk Company belongs to remind. Creative Strategies & Tactics The business used the insight strategy which involves coming back to the consumers and their recent concerns regarding the things they eat and drink. The strategy was emotionally invested in the health and making the customers understands where the products come from and the content. Most consumers are always keen to investigate provenance matters especially when the health of their families is involved.

In the modern Australian market, the desire of most customers on health often transcends the appealing of the cheaper option. The company knew that if its A2 campaign message on the health and well-being were compelling enough, then the higher point of the milk would not be an issue or barrier to consumption (O'Brien,   2016). Considering the restriction experienced by A2 in its storytelling to the customers, the business chose to target the customers in one of the most powerful methods: through emotional connection. To establish a good market base for the product, the company seized on such modern sentiment and established a campaign strategy which focused on the benefits of the milk.

A2 Milk Company understood that the core consumers had long suffered from sensitivity which prohibited them from enjoying the milk. In the campaign, the company created television and outdoor ads which featured the real customers enjoying the milk without previously experiencing discomfort. Instead of extolling on the virtues of A2 beta-casein or the lengthy explanation associated with the intricacies of digestion, the company focused on the campaign that featured real consumers by saying, ‘ Thank You A2.’

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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