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Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo 19th March Introduction As the competition in the local and international markets becomes stiff, many firms have embarked on improving the communication of their brands in the market. Marketing communication which is similar to the promotion aspect of the marketing mix entails the messages that are used to communicate with the market. In the traditional methods of marketing communication promoters focused their attention to printed materials such as newspapers and local magazines. Recently, organization have turned to use of modern methods of communication in order to adequately inform their consumers who are technology survey about the existence of their brands in the market.

This paper seeks to discuss the marketing communication that will be adopted by Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo. Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo aims at providing its customers with sustainable benefits as compared to its competitors. As the demand for Shampoo increases among the female consumers, the quality of the competing brands has not met the needs of the customers. Additionally, the rival brands do not provide nutrients that ensure the hairs are strong while at the same time leaving them clean.

Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo major benefit is that it will provide wide range of nutrients that will make the hair to be strong and perfectly clean. The brand will produce brochures that will be attached to the selling packets with all the nutrients that it will have and their importance to the hair of the users. This is unique selling proposition that will make the brand be different from the competitors (DallOlmo et al, 1997). Similarly, customers will get their brands in the shortest time possible.

In this way, the customer’s attraction will not be diverted to other competing brands. With the use of attractive turquoise colour and UV filters, the brand image will be easily recognizable among the consumers resulting to strong positive customer-brand relationship and brand resonance. Creation of strong brand image and awareness is one of the major marketing objectives of Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo. By the use of a lady’s image on the brand packaging items, to indicate the benefits and the usage of the brand, its consumers will be taught on how to use the brand.

As attributed by the elaboration likelihood model, Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo will emulate motivation as a way of persuading its consumers. By realizing that the consumers need should be noted, the shampoo will seek the information from the consumers by use of feedback system that will encompass a questionnaire that will be attached to each of the packet (Calder et al, 1981). As a way of creating a more emotional among the users, Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo will use an image of an infant who is being held by her mother but the baby wants to be given the shampoo to apply on her mother hairs.

Additionally, the use of models girls who will be half naked but not nude in appearance will be used in billboards along the highways (Day and Robert, 1971). The attractive nature of the advertisement will not only attract female users but also it will also persuade men customers who will purchase the brands for their wives or daughters. One of the major aspects that make product awareness to be strong within local and international markets is use of a medium of communication that reaches large number of audience.

In this regard, Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo aims at adopting the traditional media to communicate with its consumers. For example, through the use of TV adverts five minutes before the evening prime time news, more consumers will get the right information regarding the brand. Similarly, the brand will use a live program on Saturdays during the day. Such a day most of the women and college girls who are loyal users of Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo will be at their homes (Kenneth and Donald, 2007).

As a result, they will have ample opportunity to learn about the brand and its usefulness on their hair. Another way that the brand will use to communicate with the consumers is by use of radio scripts. The brand will specifically be advertised in the morning hours before the users leave for their work. Radio and TV adverts will use the services of celebrities including famous fashion designers and models. As mentioned earlier, the shampoo will also use billboards that will be erected in major highways and main junctions (Percy and Rossiter, 1992).

Thus, car owners and individuals using public means of transport will be in a position to know more about the shampoo. One of the major advantages of using traditional medium of communication is that they are owned by majority of people regardless of whether or not they are tech savvy. In this way, more people are in a position to get real time messages an in some cases provide feedback by calling back or filling a questionnaire.

In the contemporary business arena, more firms are using local magazines and newspapers to communicate with their customers mostly located in urban areas. In this regard, Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo will also be advertised through the weekly fashion magazines and journals (Baumgartner and Peters, 2003). Since most of the readers of the fashion magazines forms the major part of the shampoo target market, strong brand awareness will be achieved leading to high sales and sustainable profits Conclusion Market communication is a key aspect that brands that are focused at remaining competitive in the market cannot overlook.

With the improved technology in the communication sector, firms have turned into use of modern means of advertisement such as internet and digital billboards. On its part, Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo focuses at using traditional means of advertisement such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Based on their accessibility due to low prices, the shampoo target customers that includes house wives and college girls and executives women will have adequate opportunity to know about the brand. As a way of creating strong connection between the brand and the customers, the shampoo aims at using billboards along the highways and junctions.

Jane Jacinta Jane: Do you know next week is the great bash we have all be waiting for?

Ohh darling, but you have not prepared for the day look at how your hair looks untidy making you look unattractive girl! !! Jacinta: Ooh I almost forgot. Look at how they are flowing clothes of hair and hanging in unattractive way! ! Tell me, what is the secret behind your great look of hair? Jane: Mhhh… that is my little secret and trust me girl not many people knows about it. Jacinta: But am like your sister, friend you name it.

So anything which looks good on you should also look good on me. Please tell me, I have been using other hair washing gells and look at my hair, I can not imagine! !! Jane: Okay: I will tell, but you have to promise me that not even soul who will be attending the party should know about this at the party. I use Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo. It is the best, and girl I am feeling so beautiful.

Jacinta: Are you sure? Please tell you are real? I have been hearing a lot about it, but as the saying goes, “better the devil you know than the angel you do not know”. I am afraid of using it because I do not how it will impact on my hair. Jane: Mark my words girl, the shampoo is affordable, effective and the best. You need to see how it is being advertised in the market. You will instantly fall in love with it lol! Jacinta: Okay let’s go girl. Jane: then let’s let to the nearest saloon and have your hair made human.

It will smell and look as beautiful like this flower am holding on my hands Jacinta: Okay, let me give it a try. Jane: Look at how great your hair is now? You are more beautiful Jacinta and you will be the envy of every one at the party. Jacinta: thanks Jane look at how Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo has changed my appearance! !1 I loooooove it wow! !! References Baumgartner, H. and Peters, R. (2003). The structural influence of marketing journals: a citation analysis of the discipline and its subareas over time.

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Psychology & Marketing 9 (4): 263–274.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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