Essays on Advertising Promotion and Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study

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The paper "Advertising Promotion and Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications Study. Costa Coffee was founded by Bruno and Sergio Costa in London in 1971 and later acquired by Whitbread in 1995. There are currently 85 stores in the UAE. The product mix includes Single Shot, Frothed Milk, Ristretto, double shot and steamed milk ranging from Macchiato, Caffe Late, Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso to Mocha. Its services have a high reputation level for excellence. Costa coffee’ s brand name stands for luxury, excellence, and perfection worldwide. It has a marketing department that builds marketing strategies for Costa coffee. Its strengths include high-quality service, wide product variety, high reputation level for quality and brand visibility.

Its weaknesses are high prices while opportunities include continual expansion, wide target market, and formation of strategic alliances. Threats include a change in policy, competition, disruption of coffee beans supplies, and a rise in dairy products and coffee beans prices. The target market for Costa coffee is the middle class and privileged class who have disposable money they can spend. Promotion activities for the UAE market include sales promotion and advertising through television, internet, newspapers, and magazines. Overview of the Company Overview of Costa Coffee Costa coffee is the fastest growing coffee shop chain with its headquarters in Dunstable, United Kingdom.

It was founded by the brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa in London in 1971 supplying roasted coffee to Italian coffee shops and caterers. Whitbread later acquired it in 1995 which saw its growth to 1700 stores in over thirty countries. Its first international store was opened in UAE in 1999 and has now grown to 85 stores in the Emirates (Costa Coffee, 2014). Service Besides exceptional coffee provided by Costa its reputation for excellent service is also shown.

It recruits and retains people who are highly talented and motivated, and keeps on improving their performance, expertise and skills through training and developing programs. Product Mix The cost has a wide range of its coffee products that customers can choose from. The main ones include steamed milk, Ristretto, Single Shot, Frothed milk, and Single Shot. Product Description Espresso Doppio A double shot of espresso Macchiato Espresso with frothed milk has all tastes and smooth flavor. Caffè Latte Espresso with plenty of mil and lots of flavors (steamed milk) Ristretto Very short espresso Strength shot Americano Espresso with hot water Espresso Sweet, strong, short and black, What is needed to start the day and after a meal Cappuccino Espresso topped with frothed, steamed milk and sprinkled chocolate, Can be enjoyed all-day Mocha Espresso topped with steamed, frothed milk, and a sprinkling of chocolate. Other alternatives for Costa coffee are hot teas, chocolate, and infusions, fresco and iced coffees (Costa Coffee, 2014). The Brand The name ‘ Costa’ stands for perfection, luxury, and excellence.

The name of the brand is thus a sign of the company. The premises and logo are also in warm tones while they have a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Status, image, and quality are important in the market environment today. Quality and excellence have made the Costa Coffee brand a pursued and recognized trademark. Costa also shows an image of luxury and comfort with style. This is portrayed in the provided ambiance and soothing environment. Marketing Orientation Costa Coffee satisfies customer needs by reacting to what they want. Whatever the decisions are taken are always based on wants and needs of customers. Customers require better quality products and services in variety. With different emerging methods on making coffee Costa has stuck to its traditional coffee brewing that customers have always preferred.

It has introduced other product alternatives like soft drinks, hot teas and chocolates to attract customer who do not prefer coffee but would like to be part of Costa.


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