Essays on Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries Company's Market Strategies Case Study

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The paper “ Australian Pharmaceuticals Industries Company’ s Market Strategies ” is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Global changes in healthcare services and lifestyle needs have necessitated the need for an increased market supply of health organizational products and services. In this regard, the healthcare industry worldwide has in the recent past encountered drastic changes. This is partially hedged on increased culture change that increases process acceptance as well as an increased need for healthcare services. This has been the case in Australia. Statistics demonstrate that the Australian market has in recent years improved leading to increased gains and profits by the private healthcare facilities.

However, this has resulted in increased competition. As the industry increasingly grows profitable, competition has increased both from the emerging and existing competitors. A porter’ s five forces analysis on the industry reveals that the market faces increased competition from both the existing and new market entrants (Clinton, 2004, p. 23). Such competitors to Australian pharmaceuticals Industries (API) include North Coast Area Health Service and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW. In addition, the analysis reveals that the industry is dominated by increased buyer influence.

This is because, as the analysis establishes, the switching costs are relatively low due to shared medical standards and quality among partners. Moreover, the analysis reveals that organizations lack control over the market and purely hedge their success in marketing and quality services delivery. In this industry, API is positioned as a high quality and reliable healthcare provider based on a firm quality and professional services delivery commitment. This report reviews the organizational products and its marketing mix application. Moreover, in order to enhance increased positive growth, the organizational strategies are compared and contrasted with those of the competitors to enhance logical recommendations development towards the report conclusion. 2.0 OverviewThe healthcare industry is an industry that is charged with the provision of increased products as well as services.

On one hand, the industry provides goods like drugs and medicines to allow for increased efficiency. This makes the industry a good provision industry. On the other hand, the industry provides services such as diagnosis, administration, and other medical-related consulting services. In particular, this report seeks to evaluate products offered by API Company both goods and services.

The organization offers medical consultancy services. In this regard, medical practitioners, trained and qualified for the practice are used to offer professional services. On the other hand, the organization provides pharmaceuticals onto the Australian market as well as offering beauty products into the market (Brock and Hastings, 2013, p. 83). 3.0 Marketing MixFor every organization to retain market competitiveness and sustainability, marketing is a requirement. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to adopt an appropriate marketing strategy and tools.

With the realization that it is imperative to market in order to enhance increased competitiveness. In this regard, Bowman and Gatignon (2010, p. 13) argued that such competitiveness is only achieved through the development of a unique selling point for individual organizations in the market. To this effect, this report section offers a review of the API marketing strategy. In a marketing strategy review, it is imperative to assess the marketing mix inclusive of the price, promotion and distribution channels.


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